In an argument with my son a few days before I left Hawaii to live in California at the end of 2018, he asked me if I had ever had myself checked for mental illness. I was so shaken by … Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I was approached by a not-so-very-well-known company that prints books, art prints and other arty products. They wanted me to submit a book of images for them to print. The deal was they’d give me $150 … Continue reading


I’ve been asked how I do these pastel paintings. I do them in three main stages. First comes the idea, sketched roughly in black ink on a little scrap of paper. Then, I prepare a bigger sheet of paper or … Continue reading

Do You Allow Your Inner Guidance?

Have you ever wanted to keep doing something you love, but it just seemed like something was in the way? I’ve felt like that. I couldn’t figure out what what to do. Finally, I made a very simple, very powerful … Continue reading

My New Book Is Out!

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost I’m so excited to announce that my new book is now ready in print on and also on the Kindle! I just got my copies today, and they look gorgeous – nice white paper … Continue reading

Two New “Carving My Life” Books!

I’m very stoked to announce that the first two books in my Carving My Life series are published! They are available both in print and as eBooks. I’m so pleased with them – they’re beautiful! You can read about and … Continue reading

Are You Intending to Create More Passive Income in 2013 than You Ever Have Before?

How would you like to stop struggling with money, as of 2013? WANT PASSIVE INCOME? EASILY COMING IN MONTH AFTER MONTH? YEAR AFTER YEAR? I want the year 2013 to be a pivotal year for you! How can it be? … Continue reading

“How DARE You Call Me A Dead Weight?”

I sent out an email to my list yesterday, asking people for feedback and input on issues they wanted to solve. At the end, I wrote this: “…if you’re not willing to put yourself out and do something for yourself, … Continue reading

Interviewed Today by Malinda Zarate at!

I was so pleased to have been interviewed today by Malinda Zarate of She invites guests every month who she feels contributes to the invisible, energetic growth of our planet – what an honor to have been invited! We … Continue reading

Money Tapping Group, Part III!

THE MONEY TAPPING GROUP Part III: Uncover and Clear Out the Limiting Vows in your Heart Chakra…so you can have more freedom, fun and prosperity, and delight in sending out more just-plain-flat-out beautiful Heart Radiance! Maybe you can you relate … Continue reading

What Are 2nd Chakra Vows?

Think of the 2nd Chakra as a level of consciousness. Whereas the 1st Chakra is all about your environment (everything you can physically feel) and your tribe, the 2nd Chakra, right in the groin area, is more fluid; the energy … Continue reading


I made a comment on a post on facebook the other day to which someone took HUGE exception. She replied calling me names, making accusations, etc. What I know about accusation is this: it tells me more about what a … Continue reading

Have You Been Asked, “Why Are You Not Playing A Bigger Game?” Maybe You Don’t Really Want to!

Ponder this: How many times have you seen an email or video or website that tells you you ‘need to play bigger,’ or have a bigger business? I’ve said it myself. But it’s getting old. What if I don’t want … Continue reading

Thanks for Helping Me Choose Images for This Year’s Holiday, Joy and Love Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to please help me decide which images were your top five to use over the holidays. I literally have hundreds of images to choose from, so it’s sometimes hard for me to … Continue reading

Help Me Choose Images for Holiday and New Year’s Cards!

This year, I’m having five images of my artwork printed for holiday cards. (The image you see at the left is one image I pre-ordered to see how it looks – it’s awesome!) It sounds early to think of that, … Continue reading

Say NO to ‘too busy’

Have you ever wanted to write someone, but it just wasn’t Time yet? That’s what this entire last month since I wrote my last newsletter has been like for me. I’ve wanted to write, but each time I sat down … Continue reading

The Wave™ 2012 is Happening – Woohoo! Right NOW!

We’ve all heard tons and tons of talk about about how 2012 is supposedly a defining year for consciousness. I have to admit that, at first, when I heard all the talk and the big hooha about 12/21/12, I was … Continue reading

Am I Jumping the EFT Ship?

Yesterday I posted an article to my list about my radio show with Lisa Nichols; joining with me to save the bees, and my teleclass last week. There were a bunch of unsubscribes – a few that really surprised me, … Continue reading

Lisa Nichols: Moving Out & Up: from South LA to South Africa

Lisa Nichols, of The Secret & Chicken Soup for the Soul You no doubt have heard of the movie, The Secret. Probably old hat by now, right? Well, lucky for me – and you – the people IN The Secret – … Continue reading

Save the Bees!

I‘m surprising myself more and more lately – I never used to be as vocal as I am now, speaking up for things I really care about. I guess I have finally shed the last of my childhood terror of … Continue reading

Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos: Conquers Cancer Twice with Her Intuition & Prophetic Dreams

Ever had a dream where you were told it was imperative that you go see your doctor…after he had just sent you home with an “all-clear” bill of health? That’s exactly what one of the amazing, intuitive, prophetic dreams Kathleen … Continue reading

Get “Allow It to Be Easy” FREE!

My friend professional spirit channel Connie Russert and I created a book I think you will love. Her channeled words, my artwork. The words in this book come directly from Spirit. The energy of Spirit accompanies the words. Allow yourself … Continue reading

The Abundance Paradigm

Want rock-solid proof “The Abundance Paradigm” really works … and works really fast? “The Abundance Paradigm” goes beyond the Law of Attraction and explains how to co-create your life in a way that actually works. Below is a mother’s … Continue reading

Want to Get A Head-Start on 2011? Here’s How!

Here in Hawaii, we say: Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Which, in Hawaiian, means Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…and I hope you have enjoyed your holiday time so far! And now…we can start envisioning how our Makahiki Hou … Continue reading

My Apologies

Some of you have let me know that the links to Paul and Layne Cutright’s Heart to Heart Online Program didn’t work last week. Paul has now told me that he has fixed them – so – if you were … Continue reading