Have You Been Asked, “Why Are You Not Playing A Bigger Game?” Maybe You Don’t Really Want to!

Ponder this: How many times have you seen an email or video or website that tells you you ‘need to play bigger,’ or have a bigger business?

I’ve said it myself. But it’s getting old. What if I don’t want to ‘play bigger’?

I believe that you and I should be able to live the full, creative, productive, impactful lives we dream of living.

Whether that means little ole you hibernating in the back woods writing poetry or surfing the big ones, being a big well-known coach, speaker or entertainer, or an artist who does well at selling her art, or a small biz owner just being and feeling really successful selling widgets or educating people with wonderful health stuff.

I see a lot of mentor-clones nowadays – they say the same words, do the same types of videos, the same programs, charge the same rates, and write the same emails as their mentors.

I don’t want to be a mentor-clone. And I don’t want you to be anyone’s clone, either. I want you to be the unique, amazing individual you are, with your wonderful array of tools, gifts, talents, skills and expertise.

I want you to be able to take all of that out into the world and contribute to your heart’s content if that’s what you truly want. That’s what I’m here to support you in doing.

Many people have not one inch of desire to ‘live big, ‘play a bigger game,’ have a ‘bigger business.’ They just want to do what they do, be appreciated and get paid well, without having a big flashy off- or online presence.

You can do that. And it’s OK…and, you can even live big doing that! It just takes clarity, intention, focused action, determination and perseverance. I know you can do it – and are doing it, to your best ability!


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