I had deeply internalized all those negative, destructive messages and made them into my own beliefs that >I< was a failure, that >I< was the one to blame, and that >I< would ‘never make it’ – I attended an intense … Continue reading


This is dedicated to any frustrated artist… I attended an intense marketing workshop today. It made me cry. It put me right smack dab up against the years of deep conditioning I have fought my entire life. I absolutely loved … Continue reading

Time to Raise Your Prices!

Last weekend, I went down to the local art center where about 50 artists run a coop gallery so I could sign up for the Open Studios Art Tour. I was pleased to see some pretty good work there. And … Continue reading

Courage, Clarity & Confidence

What happens when you lack courage? You think about what you’d like to do…but then you just cave in and don’t do it, right? Repeatedly. And then you wonder why you aren’t where you want to be in your life … Continue reading

I Love Low-Key Marketing!

I’m not a hypester or brash self-promo kind of person, so pushing my work has always been hard for me. I mention my latest article HERE because, yes, of course I want you to go see my artwork and read … Continue reading

3 Invitations! I invite you to choose 1, 2 or even all 3 options below. When you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the signup forms. Please enter your name and email address, so you can receive my … Continue reading

Should Artists Have Just A Website, or Just a Facebook Page?

Someone asked on FB if she should have a website or a FB biz page for her art. Someone said to set up a print site as well (FAA) as her site or FB. This is what I answered: I … Continue reading

She DID It! She’s A Published Author Now! Woohoo!

I’m so pleased and excited to be able to tell you that one of my Kindle Course students, the amazing Sue Campbell, just wrote and published her first Kindle book, “Write Dynamite Letters“! She even finished it lying in bed … Continue reading

Money Tapping Group!

As I said in a pervious post, I have decided to focus more this year on my painting and carving work*, and reduce my coaching hours. It was really, really – REALLY! – scary to do that. Why? Well, because … Continue reading

How to Write A Great Newsletter that People Love to Read and so They Eagerly Buy From You

Some of you have asked me why I don’t write every week. Because, you know, the marketing geniuses say, “you should keep yourself in front of your market, write every week….” Well, I’m very calmly and happily done with “I … Continue reading

No Joke. Reach Millions and Make a Bigger Difference for the People You Serve

How do you reach over a million people on LinkedIn without stressing out, working like a slave or busting a gut in the effort or seeming hypey or spammy? The other day, I went into my LinkedIn account to look … Continue reading

A Confession About Social Media

I don’t know about you, but thinking about social media makes me feel completely overwhelmed. You’re told you “must have” Twitter, FB, LinkedIn…and you “must have” a FB personal page…and you “must have” a FB biz page…and you “must have” … Continue reading

How to Create Your Know-Like-Trust Free Teleclass so People Don’t Hang Up on You

Today I was on a teleclass that I had been eagerly anticipating for 2 weeks. I was enthusiastic about the topic, and was excited to hear what new ideas this person was going to share with us, because she was … Continue reading

Facebook ‘Likes’ – Good or Bad for Bringing You More Traffic?

Do you have a ‘Like’ button function enabled in your blog or website? This is an excerpt of an article by Cris Crum at WebProNews.com I enjoyed today I thought you might want to read – read the rest of … Continue reading

Health Practitioners: Listen Up!

What has all of these diseases? Arthritis, asthma, allergies, celiac disease, hepatitis, high blood pressure, lupus, mental health issues, osteoporosis, strokes and skin cancer…. Answer: The month of May! May is the national awareness month for each of those ailments. … Continue reading

The Genius Keys: Next Evolution

A few of you wrote me asking if you could tell your stories in The Genius Keys – how you made the leap from down and dirty to leapin’ and dancin.’ OK, twist my arm! You now have that option, … Continue reading

I Want YOU in MY Book!

How many times have people asked you to be a part of their books? I betcha not many. Authors tend to want to hog all the space – and rightly so – we have a lot to say and don’t … Continue reading

Don’t Like Clickbank or PayDotCom? New Service for online marketers!

If you sell digital products online as an affiliate or a vendor, you’re going to love this new service… Think Clickbank or PayDotCom.com – but with all affiliate payments taken care of instantly and automatically. I liked what I read, … Continue reading

What Are the Keys to Mastering Marketing?

I SO recommend this – there’s no one else out there I know of who teaches us weirdo energy freaks how to get out there without feeling like or being perceived as a weirdo energy freak! What am I recommending? … Continue reading

Tip for Saving Time

I’m constantly looking for ways to cut down on marketing time so I can get back to the easel. I just found a cool site called fiverr.com where there are hundreds of people who say they ‘do anything for 5 … Continue reading

Got Spirit in Your Biz?

If you are a business owner who has spiritual values that you want to integrate into your marketing, you’ll love this. Listen in to this great shorty clip with CEO Shelagh Jones on her Spiritual Marketing Directory – attraction in … Continue reading

Do You Like to Be Among the First to Know New Online Marketing How-to’s?

If you love to get the newest internet marketing info: you’ll like this one if you’re looking for a profitable model to base your online marketing on. To the left is a sneak peek at the map he’s created. It’s … Continue reading

I Have ONE Copy of Christian Mikelson’s Coachiing Package….

ALERT: I have one copy of master coach Christian Mikelsen’s $2000 client-getting program (click on the image to enlarge). The first person to email me (Lyon at AngelaTreatLyon dot com) gets it for only $1750 (and I’ll cover the shipping), … Continue reading