Don’t Precollapse into I-Won’t Sell-Anything! Expect Success!

vibrateHere’s something I saw in a recent blog comment: “I still submit to shows but not as many. I have been lucky to be invited to shows but I am not expecting the shows to do more than exhibit my work.”

Well, why on earth not?

Expect! Expect! Expect! How can you vibrate,””I’m a happy, successful, appreciated artist (coach, CEO, entrepreneur)” AND “ohhh, I won’t make any sales at this show (speaking engagement, art fair, book signing, coaching session)”?

You can not! Your main vibration’s frequency might be 50,000 Hz, but if some part of you is dragging its feet and vibrating at 9,000, your 50K will be sabotaged.

Tap on it! Expect to make sales! You did NOT go into business to be a failure, feel bad, lose confidence or go broke!

Not familiar with tapping? Go here: Learn how to tap and quit it already with the eternal why-I-can’t-do-its!

Rosie Kuhn for Daily OM

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