Programs to help you live In the Flow, make more money, make a big difference, and feel fabulous about yourself, your business and life.

Who do these sessions work for? You. I work with authors, artists, speakers, entrepreneurs of all kinds, CEOS, coaches and educators. If you have suffered severe trauma, I can help you.* If you are an entrepreneur or are part of a business, I specialize in helping people just like you.


With each type of session below, you and I spend our time focused completely on you. Only you: on your Dreams and desires, any doubts, worries, problems or challenges that get in your way, and on creating your exciting projects.

You have my undivided attention, and benefit from my many years of coaching, book-writing, publishing, marketing and business experience.

How does it work? We meet privately on the telephone on my private conference line. You get a link to the downloadable recorded MP3 audio of each session, usually within the hour after our call.

You can download the audio and listen to it as many times as you like. If we do tapping, it’s powerful to tap along again; and if we do planning or strategizing, it’s great to catch the little nuances you might have missed in our conversation the first time.

I invite you to read through each type of session below, and see which ones fit and work best for you. Choose one type to start with, whether it’s only one session or a group of three. You can always expand into more later.

Once you choose and pay for** a session or group of sessions, you’ll get a receipt, a link to schedule your appointment, information as to how to meet with me, and instructions about what to have ready so you can best benefit from our time working together.




First, you need clarity on why you do business in the first place, who your audience is, and what you want to accomplish. You need to know where you want to go, and to have a clear itinerary so you don’t end up a year from now asking yourself, “How did I get here? And how did I create this mess?”

I help you get crystal clear on all of that. Then we create a simple, doable plan of exactly what to do to create that dream, and the sequence to do each step. And I support you in taking your first exciting steps.


If you can’t seem to make the changes needed to jump to the new level of success that’s been eluding you, let me help you find the key that will help you jump right to that next level.

You will not only get past whatever is stopping you, but we will make a better plan and simplify your steps so you can go beyond where you thought you could. Life is good!

Click here to get 1 session: $579 . $125  (you save $450)

Click here to get 3 sessions: $1539 .  $375  (you save $1164)



You know what you want to do, but the steps aren’t always clear to you. What if you had a clear map of what to do and the steps – in order – that you need to take so you can easily get where you want to go? Ah. Much better.

The power of using exact tactics and strategies cannot be overstated. Once you create  clarity about where your road is, where it’s going, which exits and on-ramps to take, and what you plan to do once you get to your destination, you become unstoppable. Watch out world!

Click here to get 1 session: $579 .  $125  (you save $450)

Click here to get 3 sessions: $1539 . $375  (you save $1164)



Can’t quite seem to get enough people to show up who want what you offer? Your marketing needs help. From the inside out.

You and I will explore who loves your work and why, and the exact specifics that allow you to write the just-right copy that magnetizes Your People to you. You can stop screaming in the marketplace now, because they search and find you.

We’ll look at what you’re good at and comfortable doing, how you’ll take direct action on it, and build a plan that’s just right for you. You will utilize your strengths and know-hows, and do what it takes to attract just the right clients for you and your biz. So much easier that way.

Click here to get 1 session: regularly: $579  . $125  (you save $450)

Click here to get 3 sessions: regularly: $1539  . $375  (you save $1164)



Let’s you and I do some radical changes in your life by eliminating old, nasty, limiting or otherwise destructive inner thoughts and replacing them with ones that support you. How does that sound? Let’s put these in the trash bin:

•  The effects from trauma, shame and fear
•  Anxiety, worry and stress
•  “I’m too fat (ugly/skinny/etc)”
•  “I can’t make enough money”
•  “I can’t seem to create the relationship I want”
•  “I hate marketing my biz”

It’s time you stopped being crippled by your fear, rage, sadness, numbness, shame or anxiety! I’ll show you a simple way you can use in an ongoing way that will help you transform each feeling or unwanted thought that comes your way. Even if it seems impossible.

I use a combination of tapping and a fantastic shortcut tool I created specifically for such emotional turmoil.

And if you’re really traumatized, you’ll be flabbergasted to see how fast and easily TBT (Trauma Buster Technique) works to help you feel more safe, calm and happy (really!) than you probably have in months.

Because of the ripple-out nature of emotions, thought and energy, once you know how to transform these thoughts and emotions, your entire life will shift for the better, more and more, every single day. Isn’t it time you gave yourself that gift?

Click here to get 1 session: regularly: $579  . $125  (you save $450)

Click here to get 3 sessions: regularly: $1539  . $375  (you save $1164)



You’ve wanted to write a book since forEVER. You have a manuscript in your head or stuck in the back drawer of an old desk out in the garage.

Pull that thing out and let’s see what we can do with it!

Whether your book is a shorty designed to sell on Kindle that’s only 20 pages long, or a long tome that will eventually weight in at half a ton, I can help you.

You need to get clear who you’re writing for, what you want to write, and even begin your marketing before you write your first word. (It’s easy – wait until I show you – you’ll just laugh at how silly your fears about marketing are!)

I’ll help you format your book correctly for Kindle, ebooks and print books. You’ll be delight that it’s so simple, especially if you’re creating pdfs from interviews or shorty how-to ebooks for your business.

I’ll even help you self-publish on any number of publishing platforms I’m very familiar with. And if you’d like, we can work together over a period of time during your writing and publishing journey. I support and guide you through the entire process, from notes to chapter and section-writing, getting your book covers and spine just right, and of course the publishing and marketing.

Contact me using the contact button to the left on this page so we can discuss what your plans and needs are, and the fees involved.



You choose the subject, we work on whatever it is that’s bothering you, or whatever exciting project you’re creating.

We can spend our time together on your exciting project, planning out where to move forward, creating maps and plans, tactics and strategies on what to do and how to do it.

Or, we spend our time together discovering where you are stuck, releasing hurtful, limiting or destructive thoughts, habits and emotions, so you can walk away feeling better than you have in ages.

We’ll get more done in one half day than you could by yourself in 6 weeks.

Ditto for the half day, more in depth. You choose the subject, we work on whatever it is that’s bothering you, or whatever exciting project you’re creating.

Gifting yourself these sessions is not only a great way to get tremendous work done in a very short time, it also saves you a ton of dough.

Think of this: even in a Half-day, which is four hours total, you’d pay $2316 if you got four separate sessions. If you had the Full-day, which is 6 hours total, you’d pay $3474 for six sessions.

You also get the audio recording for each hour we work together, so you can listen repeatedly. It’s not called an Intensive for nothing – it’s easy to miss details. So having the recordings after we hang up from our time together will help you have everything we discussed in one place. You can stay focused, have complete clarity, and stay on track as you start implementing the steps to your success.

In one half or full day, you’ll be amazed, because we’ll get more done in one half day than you could by yourself in 6 months.

Contact me by clicking on the contact tab to the left if you’d like to set up a time to discuss what you’d like to accomplish in a Half-Day or Full-Day Intensive, and what the fees are.



Sometimes there can be a wait before you can get in for a session with me. If you need help right this minute with the pain, emotional upset or injury from trauma, I recommend you call on my colleague, Rehana Webster, who founded TBT, Trauma Buster Technique. She’s the best in the field.

Go here and hit the contact button, and tell her I sent you:


Contact me and I will take your credit card info over the telephone, myself. Safe.







Sometimes when I click on a page link or a pay link, I get that message.

Very annoying, and for a long time I had no idea what to do about it. Then I found out: go up to FILE, click on New Private Window, and you’ll be able to open the link in that window. Yes!






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