This is for you entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, energy and health practitioners, artists, authors and bloggers etc., who say, “I hate selling” or “I hate marketing!”

WHY? BECAUSE I’m creating a new, 2015 series of teleclasses for you who hate, dread, won’t do or can’t stand selling and marketing.

I used to hate selling and marketing, too, and I would do just about anything else to avoid spending time even thinking about it.

I hated it so much that I called marketing ‘evil.’ Now I know differently, and that my attitude was the source of over 30 years of misery and repeated, terrible financial crises.

Do you ever hear yourself thinking any of these phrases? I sure used to!

See which ones ring true for you:

  •  I hate selling!
  •  I hate marketing!
  •  Marketing is for rip-offs!
  •  I suck at writing sales copy
  •  I feel like a sleaze ball
  •  I hate hypey selling
  •  I don’t want to intrude on anyone
  •  I feel out of integrity when I blab on about what I do
  •  I’m afraid people will reject me
  •  I’m afraid people will laugh at me
  •  I’m afraid people will think I’m a fraud
  •  I feel like I have to be pushy, but I hate doing that, and won’t!



“I have a great product and a super way to help people achieve their financial goals … yet I could’t sell it! I know I have something special…you gave me a whole new perspective…by not sharing my work, I am actually depriving those who could benefit from it.”

~ Linda D.


What other phrases can you add to that list?

Using the phrases from this list, I can develop the just-right-for-you trainings that will help you get over your discomfort selling and marketing.

Wouldn’t you like to finally feel comfortable with telling people what you do? And be able to support yourself well with your work because people get what you do for them and find you and sign up with you?

If you would, just go here and fill in a few simple answers!

Your answers will help me tremendously to help you transform your fear and pain about selling yourself and your work.

YES! Wouldn’t you like to be able to market, promote and sell your work without feeling sleazy, or like a fraud or a hypester?

YES! Wouldn’t you like to be able to stand with someone, or even on stage, and feel comfortable, confident and excited to share what you do with them?

YES! Wouldn’t you like to be able to talk about what you do in such a way that people ask YOU to be your client or customer, instead of you chasing them down?

You really can.

All you need is a couple of shifts in your thinking.

Small shifts, but ones which will enable you to market, promote and sell happily, with no frustration, fear or guilt.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Not one thing.
•  You aren’t under a curse or unbreakable past life pattern.
•  You’re not being unspiritual or out of integrity.
•  You’re certainly not stupid.
•  You have value to share with people that they need and want!

You just don’t know how to sell in a way that is aligned with your ideas of integrity and honor.

That’s all – you just don’t know how.

No one taught you how.

(I will, if you’d like – because I have the coolest way of using simple, world-shaking ideas that will completely revolutionize your ability to be true to yourself out in the marketplace, magnetize the perfect-for-you people and make terrific sales to them. But that comes later.)

You don’t blame babies for falling down when they learn how to walk, do you? No, of course not! It’s just part of the process of becoming a human!

So stop blaming yourself or being afraid, and start realizing that you really can finally learn what to do and how to do it – within your personal value system.

If you’d CLICK on the link to my little survey, and answer the questions (only a few), I’d be so grateful!


You also get a FREE Thank You Goody (value $79) showing you: “How to Use “Negative” Emotions to Create More Energy and Creativity in Your Life,” when you get to the end of the survey! Hah!



“Angela Treat Lyon is a gifted coach and visionary. Her keen sense and business experience makes her a brilliant and strategic partner for success.

Angela gave me very insightful feedback on how to improve the copywriting for an important sales page.

The suggestions she offered were spot on and I immediately knew that I needed to take her feedback to heart. I highly recommend her if your business is in need of practical marketing guidance.”

~  Cheryl Heppard,


Let’s get you to a (probably unimaginable-to-you-right-now) place of this!


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