I have this weird thing that happens if I’m looking straight ahead, and there is a shiny thing on either side of me – the shiny thing makes light rays that go out and catch me – kind of like strings that pull my attention.

Hard to put into a drawing – this is as best as I can do. The light is sharp and bright, in long, tiny lines.

Like right now I have a vest on that has a shiny zipper fastening – it catches my eye and makes those lines. Weird, eh? I hope it isn’t precursor to some strange medical thing. I’d be devastated to lose my eyesight!

text & image © Angela Treat Lyon 2022


When I first moved to Hawaii in 1966, I was introduced to a local oriental dish called Saimin. It was a rich chickeny or maybe fishy broth, with thin slices of roast pork, chopped green onions, long, skinny, squiggly, tangled rice noodles, and seasonings rich with ginger and other spices I didn’t know of at that time.

Nowadays, it’s been adopted into every day culture here on the mainland, and we call it Ramen. It comes in many flavors and variations.

So of course since it was one of my favorite dishes in Hawaii, I buy it here a lot. And what’s better to have after yoga than saimin, with green tea and a ginger cookie?

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon 2022
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Recently I’ve been creating a 1-2-3 systems webinar for teaching authors how to make their own audio books. Why audio books, you ask? Because although it’s easy to publish kindle books on amazon, you can get your audio books onto 47 other platforms! Imagine you have one book, and you put it for sale on all those venues – think you might get more sales? Uh-huh. Yup!

Did you know the average total sales of books for most authors is 250 or fewer books? For someone who has spent possibly years writing their book, that’s a devastatingly low number. Might as well have never taken the time, energy, blood, sweat or tears to do it!

I just published my own first audio book. I’m going to continue to learn where I can place my books – it’s an important read for anyone suffering from anxiety – I want it to go out to as many people as I can get it to!

If you’d like to check out the audio book, click the link to go to my Turn Your Anxiety into Creativity AUDIO book! https://amzn.to/3VbVO02

What’s that all got to do with Crunchy yoga? Nothing! Hahahahahahahaha!

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I loved Downward Dawg that I designed yesterday, that I figured I should-oughta make Upward Dawg, too. This one’s one of my favorite poses – I have a funky congenital glitch at the base of my spine that makes this position really difficult – so of course I enjoy it, right? Snort! When I come out of it, the pain I usually feel in my hip is reduced significantly. What a relief!

I believe that if yoga was introduced to kids at an early age – along with the meditative practices it assists – what a different world we’d have!

I think we all need to stop moaning and groaning about how bad things are. That just perpetuates the ‘bad’ energy.

Instead, let’s dream up cool stuff, go about DOing cool stuff, saying I love you, singing sweet songs – how can our world not change for the better if we all did that?

Fido, Felix, Birdies and I are here to help!

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon
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I remember the very first time I ever saw anyone doing yoga. I was 21. My then-hubby bought a huge how-to book that had big in-your-face photos of the yoga guru posing in all these wild contortions.

I was aghast! I’m supposed to twist my body into that shape? Nope. Won’t. I did do the most basics, and still do, 56 years later. But boy, those feet-behind-the-ears ones, and the stand-on-your-one-hand while elevating your entire body with crossed legs over your head? Nope nope nope.

Maybe you can spot what happens to me when I do this pose…

My yoga mat is in the middle, with crystal sounding bowls and sticks, and my buddies the chirpy birdies, sweet doggie and climby cat – who could ask for more!

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon
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I birthed my younger son at home. Labor had started at 10 pm, but I went to bed anyway, exhausted from canning tomatoes all day.

I awoke with a bang at 3 am, though, and somehow, as daddy went to get the midwife, I clambered clumsily and carefully down our loft ladder and crawled over – in between intense, doubled-over contractions – my huge belly in the way all the way – to the bedding we had set up by the wood stove. I climbed onto the mattress, got ready, and waited for daddy and doula.

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When my parents built their beautiful self-designed house, they embedded a 4-tile Italian design of a growling dog, in lovely ceramic colors, into the wall next to the stairway.

It wasn’t just a regular stairway – oh no, can’t have that! It was a curved stair, open, with huge, thick wood steps made out of African Ekki wood. Which apparently is a hardwood that’s over 3 times stronger than white oak. They liked that it was naturally resistant to insects, non-porous, and doesn’t rot.

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When I first moved here to California, I went through a bit of culture shock. The air is grey, not yellow; people wear mostly dull browns, greys and blacks, not bright aloha shirts, sarongs and bright-colored clothing; friendly greetings in stores on the street are regarded as suspicious and either ignored or given stink eye; gruff answers to questions of store employees instead of aloha-friendly help – and the worst, the ugly conversation with one of my landlord’s managerial staff.

I’m not sure how we got off on the wrong foot, but boy, did we! I think it started when he sent a text saying the AC guy was coming over to do his annual inspection. I asked a question, and we continued back and forth.

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You know how when you watch a movie and you end up rooting for the little guy?

Well, I do, anyway – such a common theme – well this is the little guy who’s fed up with the shenanigans being pulled by the supposed ‘good’ guys (in this case, the all-powerful, ever-present moon, supposedly benignly watching over us, protecting us – hah – not.).

Little Freedom Fighter Birdie, his little heart beating right out of his chest he’s so scared but so pissed off that he’s transcended his fear, stands on the backs of all those little gathered-together hurt people who aren’t brave enough to say ‘stop hurting me!’ and screams at the Bad Guys, ‘stop hurting us! Go the f away!’

I know, you may not agree with my take on things, but that’s OK. I’ll stand for the helpless any day.

text and image © Angela Treat Lyon 2022


What happens to kids who just don’t fit the square, round or even triangular holes in society? They end up like I did, seething inside, wishing for friends, afraid of the certain mockery when I opened my mouth, envying the easy friendships others had.

Finding solace in art and reading; always alone, always wary of sly, scathing, scornful words. Not trusting a single person. I studiously and purposely developed a razor tongue after my dentist did The Bad Thing to me when I was 13 – after a very short time of intense practice, I could have cussed a sailor into taking notes.

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During this last two years, I’ve watched closely as I and many others have lost income, gained way too much weight, lost our health, got horrifically off track in biz, and felt generally unfocused, exhausted, uninspired and discouraged.

I decided I’d had enough!
(Impatient? Get the zoom webinar HERE)

I was tired of feeling tired, too exhausted to do a single thing. No matter what, things had to change, or I might as well give up and go be a Walmart door greeter.


Since being a door greeter is very definitely not on my list of desirable things to do in my life… instead: I set up an experiment, and I set a time frame of one month to see how it would go.

Here’s what I did (am doing):

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Now you really can transform your anxiety, stress, exhaustion,and inability
to focus into beautiful, useful, creative energy!

This is for you if you’ve been afraid, anxious or panicked about life after covid, your relationships, business, family, making a living, trying to live a fulfilled life, or if you’re having a hard time following your dream….

You’ll discover how to use your fear and ‘negative’ thoughts and beliefs to break out of your anxiety, so you can get on track to living a lovely, fulfilling CREATIVE life.

What you read or see in the book or videos will seem deceivingly simple. Don’t fool yourself. If you take what you get here and actively use it in your daily life, you’ll look back in a very short time in wonder that you ever suffered so much before.

When you read the book and/or watch the videos, you get to:
• Discover how to find, assess, and rate your ‘bad’ energy, so you can…
• Learn what to do with all that ‘bad’ stuff! Like:
• How to delete the habit of anxiety and your Restriction Code™
• Find out how to make your wishes come true; and…
• Find out how to choose creativity over anxiety… and way more!

“Always from the heart! You speak a language in that is understood on a higher plane – it shouts from everything you do. It is your identity and legacy.”  ~ Craig McL., NZ

Haven’t you suffered long enough?
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IMAGE: Who Am I?
Oamaru Limestone (sold)
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People ask me how they can support their favorite artists if they can’t buy from them.

Here are a few ideas you can try.

• Do you know any gallery owners? If you think your fave artist’s work would fit the gallery, send the gallery owner or acquisitions manager a link to your artist’s website or IG page, with a personal note suggesting that this artist would be an asset to their gallery.

• Contribute to the artist’s patreon.com or kofi.com account – even if it’s only 5, 10 or 100 bucks a month. You’d be surprised how much that can mean to the artist.

• Do you have a favorite art magazine? Email the art editor about your artist friend, include a link. Say why you love the work, and how interesting the artist is, and wouldn’t it be cool to have an article written about them.

• Take pix of the art you bought from the artist, and post it on FB, IG or other social media, with a link to the artist’s website, FB or IG pages.

• Brag on how much you love the piece you got, and why! Say more than “I love this painting’ – say why you love it! Like, it helps me feel calm, or it inspires me, or reminds me of … Continue reading

SAM: Likes Shiny Things

The second time I was raped was a far cry from the first. Looking back, I count what happened to me that day as a stroke of incredible good fortune for myself, and out-of- the-blue evidence of amazing community solidarity in its intolerance for violence and cruelty, and its endeavor to maintain peace.

I was 17. My first year at Parsons School of Design. My father had loudly lamented sending me there, telling me, “You’ll probably just get married and spend your life making babies and washing dishes, and give up making art anyway, so why should I go to the trouble of paying for this expensive school?”

If he meant that as a joke, it didn’t ride. Our family’s forté was the say-the-reverse-of-what-you-really-mean thing, so I never really learned how to tell if someone was speaking the truth or not. I still struggle with that.

As an example, instead of telling me I looked nice in a new dress, he’d say, “Too bad your ears stick out – kind of detracts from how nice that dress should look.” Gee thanks for the kind, supportive words, Dad. Not.

So I was wearing one of those dresses on my way to my apartment from school late one afternoon. I was carrying my purse jammed full of the jars of paint and brushes I wanted to use over the weekend, and my big, clumsy flat black portfolio. The thing was huge – imagine a flat faux-leather briefcase about 30” x 40”. It held all the drawings I’d done all week.

It was getting dark – I’d stayed after class for some personal instruction. There was a shortcut through a nasty alley that ended right at the steps to the subway. I knew I ought not go that route, but it looked clear, so I started walking fast. Continue reading