One day about a month before she left the planet, she turned to me with such a galvanizing look that I felt my feet suddenly get cemented to the floor. If I’d wanted to pay attention to anything else, I … Continue reading

I Love Low-Key Marketing!

I’m not a hypester or brash self-promo kind of person, so pushing my work has always been hard for me. I mention my latest article HERE because, yes, of course I want you to go see my artwork and read … Continue reading

Should Artists Have Just A Website, or Just a Facebook Page?

Someone asked on FB if she should have a website or a FB biz page for her art. Someone said to set up a print site as well (FAA) as her site or FB. This is what I answered: I … Continue reading

Artists! Do You Know How to Tap Your Way to Showing and Selling More of Your Art?

As you might know, I am re-journeying into my art world after a 10-year hiatus. It’s taken some pretty massive tapping, because I’m bumping into all the old beliefs and ideas that limited me before. The HUGE difference being that … Continue reading

4th annual smARTist Telesummit Home-Study Edition is Ready!

In January, the 4th annual smARTist® Telesummit knocked another phenomenal event out of the park! With their extraordinary line up of art-career experts and successful working artists, it is truly the push many emerging artists needed to transition from “just … Continue reading