Healing/Creating Hands

Source energies curl and furl in my palms. They remain there until I start working on something. Sometimes they churn and make my hands tingle. As soon as I begin to focus, the energy passes through to my fingers.

Way back in the 60s when I was a potter living in Hawaii, my logo was a hand with a spiral in the palm. It symbolized my intention to bring forth Divine energy through my art. I made it into a stamp I’d press into the bottom of my pots.

Yesterday, I was wondering how I could continue the art-inspiration series I’ve been writing. The image of that hand popped into my mind.

It was perfect, since the last 2 designs I’d made used hands and spirals. But this one had a different feel to it. It made me think of all the healing training I’ve gone through.

I mentally listed what I could remember. It all started out in the mid-60s, and continues to this day, because I still study herbs and plants, and I’m still an emotions coach and an EFT practitioner/trainer. (* The list is at the end of this post. It’s a partial list – I left out the more esoteric ones.)

I flashed on remembering that the fingers and thumb represent the elements of life: starting with earth in the thumbs, and going on through the fingers with water, air, fire and ether, in that order.

Source energies curl and furl in my palms. They remain there until I start working on something. Sometimes they churn and make my hands tingle.

As soon as I begin to focus on sending healing energy to someone or something, and/or as soon as I start to create something — writing, arting, speaking — the energy passes through to my fingers.

The earth, water and air energies are passing out of my thumb, first and second fingers, and the fire and ether energies coming out of my ring and pinky fingers.

In the corners, I saw the sacred seed of the Tree of Life, and the Keys of Knowing.

It seemed strange to me that I saw lightning coming out of the first 3 — I had thought the energies would have been softer, like the waves from the other 2 fingers.

The waves surprised me, too, because I thought fire and ether would have been lightnings!

Apparently not! This is how I saw the energy, so that’s what I drew.

— — —

Going back to how I even thought of all this today: if you don’t know what to write or draw, just sit there and wait for it to come to you.

If you haven’t done that in a long time, or if you constantly say out loud, “I’m never inspired, I don’t know what to do . . .” — it just means your mind has a habit of not knowing.

You have to break that habit, or you’ll continually reinforce the not-knowing!

Still that voice by saying, “thank you, but I’m changing my mind now, and opening to new ideas. Why don’t you come along and help?”

Then sit quietly, waiting.

Here’s what to repeat in your mind:
“I’m a rich source of energy, love and light. Ideas, I’m open to you — please come now!”

Come they will.

It helps to have an intention.

For example, I wanted an image that showed how the energy of creation feels coming through my hands. And that would help me write something that would support creators in remembering how to get ideas.

Let’s say you might want to send energy to someone. Or you might want to write an article, or do a painting. Have those intentions.

Be quiet. Be patient.

Allow the ideas, thoughts, feelings or images to gently step forth. That’s how this hand image came — gently, with calm, clear, silent, strength.

Or maybe the ideas will blast out of the dark corners of your mind and into the light and demand to be created!

My sculpture ideas are like that. They pile up inside my mind like rowdy little kids, knocking on my inner door, demanding to be created. I have to tell them to chill, since I can only do so much, so fast.

Or maybe they will give you a song, or a poem. Or parts of one, continuing to add more, as they sing or poetize while you go about the creation of what you were shown.

Just allow whatever way they want to emerge, to happen.

If you only wanted one idea for now, choose one, and make sure to make notes about the others, so you can start to build an ideas list.

Remember to thank them — that’s important.

I hope this helps you in your quest to be connected to Source and bring forth marvelous creations.

Now go make stuff!


(most of the trainings. I left some out)

* In case you’re curious, here’s the list that came to mind when thinking about all the trainings I’ve done:
the Great Masters
astrology, Tarot, numerology
palm reading
handwriting analysis
certified Filipino distance psychic healing
certified Filipino hands-on psychic healing
facial analysis for health issues
fingernail analysis for health
body language analysis
Holographic Repatterning
Druid Dreaming
Brain Balancing
Neural Integration
ordained minister
life coach
past life regression
trained Master in the Avatar courses
and multiple other various communication and mediation skills and systems.
herbal healing
growing herbs for healing
growing ‘regular’ plants to be used for healing


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