This is dedicated to any frustrated artist… I attended an intense marketing workshop today. It made me cry. It put me right smack dab up against the years of deep conditioning I have fought my entire life. I absolutely loved … Continue reading

Time to Raise Your Prices!

Last weekend, I went down to the local art center where about 50 artists run a coop gallery so I could sign up for the Open Studios Art Tour. I was pleased to see some pretty good work there. And … Continue reading

Did You Get Your FREE Book yet?

The Real Money Secrets is a book I created several years ago as a spoof on all the weird, funny and wacky ways people strive to get more money. I decided to update and republish it because, at the very … Continue reading

Courage, Clarity & Confidence

What happens when you lack courage? You think about what you’d like to do…but then you just cave in and don’t do it, right? Repeatedly. And then you wonder why you aren’t where you want to be in your life … Continue reading

Wish You Had Someone Who’d Listen to You & Give You Insights, Strategies & Action Steps?

That’s me. I’ll absolutely do that for you! I’m really good at it, because I really care about you and want you to succeed – whatever that personally means for you. And I have this amazing (even to me!) knack … Continue reading

I Love Low-Key Marketing!

I’m not a hypester or brash self-promo kind of person, so pushing my work has always been hard for me. I mention my latest article HERE because, yes, of course I want you to go see my artwork and read … Continue reading

Does YOUR Website Reflect Your Brand and Your Personality? I’m really tired of hyped-up programs telling you how to build a website that cost you thousands. It just isn’t necessary. So I’m always on the lookout for people who do … Continue reading

She DID It! She’s A Published Author Now! Woohoo!

I’m so pleased and excited to be able to tell you that one of my Kindle Course students, the amazing Sue Campbell, just wrote and published her first Kindle book, “Write Dynamite Letters“! She even finished it lying in bed … Continue reading

Want to Publish Your Ebook? Heard About Kobo Book Publishing?

Kobo, a new place to publish your ebooks, like Amazon Kindle. You can get 45 to 70% royalties on your books, and you get paid once a month. Kobo seems to be a very good deal. … Continue reading

No Joke. Reach Millions and Make a Bigger Difference for the People You Serve

How do you reach over a million people on LinkedIn without stressing out, working like a slave or busting a gut in the effort or seeming hypey or spammy? The other day, I went into my LinkedIn account to look … Continue reading

Do You Know How to Do the Behind-the-Scenes Setup of Your Teleclasses Quickly and Efficiently?

This is for people who either don’t know how to set up a teleclass or who are looking for a more efficient, time-saving way to do the set-ups. Big, Simple, No-Frills SALE: one more item: SET UP and GIVE GREAT … Continue reading

Want to Be a (Unique Kind of) Health Coach?

If you’re looking for a great way to serve people as a health coach, but haven’t known how to do that, you’ll be interested in this upcoming FREEbie teleclass. (Impatient? Go here: DID YOU KNOW how dramatically Health Coaching … Continue reading

Do You Ever Say, “I Hate Selling and Marketing”? What if You Could Say, “I LOVE Selling My Work!”

This is for you entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, energy and health practitioners, artists, authors and bloggers etc., who say, “I hate selling” or “I hate marketing!” WHY? BECAUSE I’m creating a new, 2015 series of teleclasses for you who hate, dread, … Continue reading

Happy My-Birthday Goodies for You!

Every year on my birthday, I like to make some of my most powerful, helpful, dynamic audios available to you for way less than usual, because I want to share my celebration of one more year on the planet with … Continue reading