Happy 2017!!!

How many years have you set great goals for the new year…and ended up not doing them – and then feeling bad about it? Ugh! Me too. And not only that, but on top of not doing what I said … Continue reading

I’m Back! Retiring Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

Many years ago, my dad, who was a sought-after executive recruiter in New York City, retired at the age of 65. (Yup, he really did wear bow-ties – and tied them himself – none of those cheater clip on things!) … Continue reading

3 Invitations! I invite you to choose 1, 2 or even all 3 options below. When you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the signup forms. Please enter your name and email address, so you can receive my … Continue reading

What Would You Have to Believe….

I heard this question from someone and thought it was brilliant: “What would you have to believe about yourself in order to feel successful?” For me, it first brought up the question of what success meant to me. I had … Continue reading

She DID It! She’s A Published Author Now! Woohoo!

I’m so pleased and excited to be able to tell you that one of my Kindle Course students, the amazing Sue Campbell, just wrote and published her first Kindle book, “Write Dynamite Letters“! She even finished it lying in bed … Continue reading

One More Week! Woohoo!

Malinda Zarate of EmboldenedHeart.com has been kind enough to leave my interview with her up for another week because of the hurricane. Woohoo! Thanks! If you have struggled with overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, fear, etc. you’ll want to hear … Continue reading

Interviewed Today by Malinda Zarate at EmboldenedHeart.com!

I was so pleased to have been interviewed today by Malinda Zarate of EmboldenedHeart.com. She invites guests every month who she feels contributes to the invisible, energetic growth of our planet – what an honor to have been invited! We … Continue reading

Are You Truly Open to Receive, or Could There Be More?

Today as I worked with someone on opening up, she said she felt jealous of other coaches she sees who are “doing so much better” financially. “I feel so jealous, because I’ve spent so much time and energy on my … Continue reading

EFT Tapping…in French?

Parlez-vous français? Do you remember Nick Ortner’s World Tapping Summit in February 2011, when an exclusive selection of EFT experts presented this fabulous tool to listeners all over the world? If you happen to speak French, I’m really pleased to … Continue reading

Can You Really Train Your Brain?

Last week, I had a powerful talk with a hot brain scientist: brain expert Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler – who has created practical ways to amp up your brain power. She and her discoveries about the brain are underline-ably awesome. If … Continue reading

7 Critical Components You Must Have in Place to Build Your 6-Figure Coaching Business

Last week, I held a FREEbie Teleclass for the folks at globalteleclass.com (and no, you do not have to be a coach – the information I’m going to give you will still be important for your biz): The 7 Critical … Continue reading

Create Recurring Revenue with Your Juicy Teleseminars

ALMOST CLOSED! The Create Recurring Revenue with Your Juicy Teleseminars Program starts tomorrow, February 11 at 4pm NY time – are you ready?!? If you’re working way too hard for your dollars and spending way too much time doing 1-1s … Continue reading

Paul and Layne: How to Create Personal Improvements in Your Life

I get Paul and Layne’s Inspirational tips, and I thought I’d share this one with you that came today. “Your consciousness is a powerful force for creating. It determines the people you are attracted to and the people who are … Continue reading

I Have ONE Copy of Christian Mikelson’s Coachiing Package….

ALERT: I have one copy of master coach Christian Mikelsen’s $2000 client-getting program (click on the image to enlarge). The first person to email me (Lyon at AngelaTreatLyon dot com) gets it for only $1750 (and I’ll cover the shipping), … Continue reading