Ever Said This? “I Don’t Know Where to Find New Clients”

when-yr-smilin-colorIf you or a coach you know have ever said this: I don’t know where to find or where to go to get clients, this post is for you.

I just got a note from my business coach, Christian
Mickelsen. Christian has made a great list of all the best hangouts on the internet for finding coaching clients, and is giving it away now.

I invite you to get these FREE lists. Follow the simple steps (he tells you how to use them in a short video – watch it all the way to the end), and then go get more clients!

Here’s where to get the FREEbies: http://bit.ly/find-clients

Does his system work? You bet!

Here are some of the results I’ve gotten, myself, using Christian’s system:

  1. Between last December and last month, I’ve done over 120 freebie sessions. (This could have been overwhelming, but I created a scheduler that only allowed so many per week, and I spread them out over a few months. Got to do the income providing stuff, too – can’t give away all my time!)
  2. I increased my ability to say no to people I knew wouldn’t be a fit, and to say YES to people I knew would really get a lot out of what I can offer.
  3. I signed up several long-term clients I never would have even had without this system.
  4. I learned about how to structure my fees for long-term, short-term and groups so that even if someone can’t do one way, they can do it another that would help them get going.
  5. I was able to vastly improve my long-term coaching invitations so they worked a whole lot better.
  6. And I also created a way to do for-fee intro sessions that got people tremendous value and an opportunity to sign up with me for long-term or groups.

I had never really gotten the value of long-term coaching before. I was used to helping people fix the hurt or the stuck place and off they go. Help them see new perspectives and give them a powerful list of resources, and they’d be set for a few months at least.

Now I’ve seen that the deepest coaching is

being there for your clients over a long period of time, providing a reliable support source so they can feel supported, encouraged, listened to and heard, as well as being kept on track and given resources they didn’t even know existed.

Tell me how many football coaches only come in and help a player’s fix a hurt knee or give them one game tactic! It doesn’t work that way.

That coach is there all year for those players, encouraging them, giving them new perspectives, strategies and tactics, introducing them to more success, helping them deal with those increased successes and the issues they bring up – he’s there for the duration.

You need to think about being that, too, if you want to break the coaching income ceiling created by thinking only of singular one-on-ones or even of group classes and teleclasses.

You can have 10 steady clients a month, feel like you are providing great value, free up your time and energy, and make very good money.

But – you have to know:

  • where to find the people to work with
  • how to get them in your door
  • what to do in your first session
  • what NOT to do in that 1st session!
  • how to show them what they can get out of coaching and what that can mean to their lives or businesses
  • how to work with them over a long period of time

Christian gives you a very practical here’s-how-to-do-it one step at a time way to do just that.

He shares with you exactly what to say, when to say it and what to do next.

He’s a really good coach, or I wouldn’t have bought his program.

So I invite you to check out his little video where he shows you where to get clients and how to do it in a very informal, relaxed, no-hype way.

Here’s what he gives you FREE:
1. A list of ‘elevator speeches’ on the page you’ll get to that you can modify for your own clients and market

And – you know how you’re always wondering “where can I find clients?” This is great – he gives you:

2. A long list of places online where you can actually go to start finding your prospective clients!

No other coach I know gives away this kind of info.

He’s giving these lists away for only a limited time: http://bit.ly/find-clients Please do go get them – you provide value and the world needs you!

Remember – it’s not always about taking more coaching classes! It’s about finding out how to find and enroll the clients you can serve the best in the best way you can.

And actually, with the system Christian shows you, the end result will be that people will contact YOU without you having to try hard to market your coaching.

If you don’t take the steps it takes to market yorself and create the business you want, you’ll be left feeling confused, frustrated and disappointed in yourself and your work.

The world needs your expertise and value! Get those clients and help them! http://bit.ly/find-clients

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