Hunting Your Power Through Dreams

Did you know there are many types of dreams?
Do you remember your dreams, or know what they mean?
Did you know you can re-do dreams?
Do you ever have chase dreams or nightmares?
Do you have a personal in-house Dream Guide?


What’s the big deal? Why are dreams so important? Rather than tell you, I’ll show you something that completely altered my whole life, because it changed how I felt about myself.

As a kid, I felt like a cringing wimp – both in and out of my dreams. If anyone even looked at me askance or said a critical word, I’d put on a brave front, but in reality, I felt like I was dying a thousand painful deaths inside. You’ll see how that changes….


thebigbear5hMy family lived on a hill, at the foot of which was a narrow stretch of beach. It was a huge long climb back up, but I went down there often to swim and play in the sand.

I was about 9 when a repetitive dream started: a huge black bear would burst out of the bushes as I climbed up the hill. It chased me – screaming my head off – all the way up the hill, only stopping when it reached the edge of our lawn.

I had that dream over and over until I was 14 years old. Sometimes the bear would just chase me up the hill; others we dashed through a long narrow rose trellis shaped like an arched tunnel. A thick growth of bright red roses with long thorns hung down and seemed to reach out to scratch me as I sprinted through.

I don’t know how I was fast enough to beat that bear every time, but I did, even when I had one of those running-but-going-nowhere versions.

NightmareFlipped5hI’d wake up every single time panting and sweating and scared silly with my heart beating out of my chest. I began to stay up later and later, afraid to go to sleep.

One night it suddenly struck me that it was odd that the bear had never caught me.

I lay there and wondered why, and decided to do something different if/when I dreamed of it again.

Sure enough, there it was that very night, popping out of the bushes and chasing me up the hill, through the rose arbor … when I finally remembered what I had decided.


Instead of continuing onto the lawn, where I knew the bear would leave off chasing me, I just stopped right there and held out my hand like a traffic cop, and shouted, “Stop!” at the top of my lungs.

The bear was so surprised that it almost ran into me, and had to shuffle its feet and wing its arms around as it caught its balance.

Suddenly, I felt all the fear and anger about having been terrified for so many years boil up inside of me. I put my hands on my hips, stamped my feet and yelled at him, “Stop chasing me! I’m sick of it! What do you want, anyway?”


The bear, which was twice as tall as I was, got all shy! It tipped its head down and hung its arms down by its side, kind of waggling its hands, and in a loud whisper, said, “I just wanted to give you a hug and tell you I love you!”

bearhug5hI was so astonished that I burst out laughing and crying all at once.

I cried, “Really? That’s all you wanted? Why didn’t you say so!”

“Because you kept running away from me!”

It looked so sad and sincere and contrite that I just went and gave it a huge hug.

As it hugged me back, I could tell it was carefully keeping his enormous sharp, long claws from scratching me, its long shaggy hair tickling my face and arms. It was a lovely, long, sweet hug.

That’s the last I saw of it.

Over the years, though, I have felt it and its immense raw power many times, especially when I was in physical danger, or when I was needing solace.


More important, though, was that, even though the opposition was so terrifying, I consciously and powerfully stood up to it. In my dream! Yes! (I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s called Lucid Dreaming.)

To be able to face a gigantic opposing force like that – and have it respond so surprisingly easily and sweetly – gave me a whole new sense of myself and my ability to deal with the world.


Have you had chase dreams like that?

Try deciding to turn right around and catch your hunter. I bet you’ll be surprised at what happens – and how cool it is – when you do. Let me know what happens!


Why pay so much attention to all that night-time fuss and drama? Can’t we just let it go and forget about it?

dreamingWell, no!

Dreaming is where you meet your inner wisdom, your soul, your inner Being.

It’s where you can time travel, and meet your ancestors, and find answers, and create your future…and so very much more!

I couldn’t have done a single painting or sculpture or written or illustrated any of my books if it wasn’t for my dreams. They are my Creative Source. I’d feel completely bereft without them.

If you’re an artist, musician, performer, coach, writer, speaker – or whatever! – you most likely know what I mean.

But not everyone has such easy access to their dreams, or can even remember them. In these troubled times, I feel that it’s critical to keep the focus on dreaming our reality into something we want, rather than being forced into a default reality pushed upon us by the gov or other forces. So….

If you have struggled with:

•  chase dreams or nightmares
•  failing to remember your dreams
•  not knowing what your dreams mean
•  feeling all alone or abandoned in your dreams with no Guide
•  feeling empty or lost because you can’t access your Deep Wisdom…

You can resolve all of that! Even learn how to create your own dreams right off the bat!

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