You’ve wanted to write a book since forEVER. You have a manuscript in your head or stuck in the back drawer of an old desk out in the garage.

Pull that thing out and let’s see what we can do with it!

Whether your book is a shorty designed to sell on Kindle that’s only 20 pages long, or a long tome that will eventually weight in at half a ton, I can help you.

You need to get clear who you’re writing for, what you want to write, and even begin your marketing before you write your first word. (It’s easy – wait until I show you – you’ll just laugh at how silly your fears about marketing are!)

I’ll help you format your book correctly for Kindle, ebooks and print books. You’ll be delight that it’s so simple, especially if you’re creating pdfs from interviews or shorty how-to ebooks for your business.

I’ll help you self-publish on any number of publishing platforms I’m very familiar with. And if you’d like, we can work together over a period of time during your writing and publishing journey. I support and guide you through the entire process, from notes to chapter and section-writing, getting your book covers and spine just right, and of course the publishing and marketing.

Click here to get 1 session: $579
Click here to get 3 sessions: $1525

NOTE: I’d be happy to work with you over a long term to support you getting your book done. Contact me using the little contact button to the left on this page so we can discuss what your plans and needs are.

* If you don’t want to pay online just contact me (use the contact tab to the left) and I will personally take your credit card information and run it through for you. Safe.

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