Lately I’ve been really struggling with sleep imbalance. It’s so strange – I can sleep 2 or 3 hours, but then my legs get all jumpy and I have to get up. Then within an hour or three, my eyes … Continue reading


In an argument with my son a few days before I left Hawaii to live in California at the end of 2018, he asked me if I had ever had myself checked for mental illness. I was so shaken by … Continue reading

The Pleiadian Protocol to Reduce Excess Body Mass

Have you ever had a long spell of feeling really great, and then, completely out of the blue, one day you wake up almost in panic, or extreme distress? That’s what happened to me last week, with a very deeply … Continue reading

No More Living Life Like a Zombie!

How do you go about announcing that you feel like you’re coming back from the land of the almost-dead? Well. Maybe that says it! See, five years ago, I had two near-fatal internal organ failures. I got into surgery by … Continue reading

Save the Bees!

I‘m surprising myself more and more lately – I never used to be as vocal as I am now, speaking up for things I really care about. I guess I have finally shed the last of my childhood terror of … Continue reading

How I dropped 44 Pounds & Got My Clear Mind Back

NO MORE FOG-HEAD, MEMORY LOSS…OR COMFORT-EATING! Two of the worst problems I experienced before I dropped almost 45 pounds in the last 6 months were a feeling of fog-head every morning that got better by noon, but didn’t really ever … Continue reading