How I dropped 44 Pounds & Got My Clear Mind Back


Two of the worst problems I experienced before I dropped almost 45 pounds in the last 6 months were a feeling of fog-head every morning that got better by noon, but didn’t really ever clear up, leaving me feeling like a major part of my life was vague and missing; and the extreme loss of short-term memory.

It really freaked me out, because truly thought I was sliding into a rapidly advancing case of Alzheimers.

Part of the program I used to drop the excess weight was letting go of starches. (No, it really wasn’t all that difficult after the first few days, and I still don’t eat or even miss them now.)

After only 1 week of no starches, the fog-headedness completely cleared up. GONE! Celebrate! I continue to avoid starches even now (well, except an occasional orange yam! – yum) and I’m experiencing almost zero memory loss.

If you’d like to see what I looked like before and after, go here: – it’s pretty embarrassing to reveal, but I thought it might be inspiring to you if you’re struggling with something similar.

How did I get that big? Add up not being able to exercise after surgery, sheer laziness after I was well again, corn chips and ginger snaps and sitting on my duff for hour after hour at the computer…well, you can see how I packed it on!

When I reached 205 that was It. My dad was 6’2″ and weighed less. Something had to change, or I knew I’d never make it past 70.

Yes, I used a radical program (and on that site there’s a link to it if you’re interested in checking it out. There’s a lot of controversy about it, but I’m not going into that here because that isn’t what I want you to pay attention to right now).

I want you to consider how much grain-related stuff you eat for comfort.

Yup – comfort. Comfort-eating will make you bulge in all the wrong places! Whether it’s starchy-stuff, sugar, fats and salty-foods – if you eat for comfy-ness, you’re going to get fatty-ness.

When you go to grab the cookies, popcorn or chips, or plop that piece of bread in the toaster, STOP! Take a breath. Ask yourself, “What am I REALLY hungry for?”

It may take time for you to be able to stop, take a breath and ask. Reaching for the food is a habit. But like any habit, it can be broken, so if you forget just decide to do it next time. Keep at it, and you’ll remember more and more. Tap to be able to do it.

You will eventually get down to the real reason. Be patient with yourself and allow each time you reach for comfort food to be an opportunity for growth, rather than self-criticism or shame!

I discovered that when I asked that question, several answers came up. “I feel lonely. I’m tired and need a break. I just want something come-home-comfort-feeling.”

So now, if I feel any of those things, I ask myself what can I do to feel the way I’d perfer to feel…without shoving toast layered with 4 pounds of butter and blueberry jam all over it into my mouth.

It’s an exercise. At first, it can be difficult to catch yourself and to make a different choice, so be kind to yourself.

It’s about being kind to you and giving yourself something you’re missing at a deep level.

It’s not about losing weight, self-flagellation, being perfect, and certainly not about deprivation.

Asking what you really want means that you can finally give that Something to yourself in a way that is truly satisfying, rather than cramming unuseful substance into your body that ends up making you feel fat, bloated and disgusted with yourself, and reeling in self-hatred and regret.

LONELY? If you feel lonely, reach out to someone you love and trust. Make a list of people you can reach out to – even if there’s only one person on it to start with. Call that person and just say, “hey, I want to talk for five minutes, I miss you, i want to connect….”

NEED A BREAK? If you’re tired and need a break, take the break! Rest! GIVE yourself just five minutes before getting back to what you were doing! The human brain works in 55-minute energy cycles – do something for 45 minutes, take a ten-minute break, and go back to whatever you were doing, and you’ll find yourself more productive then ever.

HUNGRY FOR…? And if you feel-hungry-but-don’t-know-what-it-is that you want, just stop, take a breath and tap on your collarbone. Why? Because three major energy lines pass through there, and it helps you relax when you tap there. If you don’t know where I mean, go here:

As you tap, ask yourself what you really need. And then GIVE it to yourself as best you can. Your cravings will go down, your body will thank you, and your mind will clear up. Who wouldn’t want that?

Remember I love you –
aloha –

p.s. I am not a doctor or health professional, and I am NOT giving you food advice! Eat what you want – consciously! All I want is for you to feel great, and once you take care of your cravings, you will.


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  1. I’m so glad that the word is getting out. Keep letting people know that they CAN CHANGE THOSE EMOTIONAL EATING HABITS. That’s all they are, just habits. And tapping will help clear out those emotions. If you need additional support or help in clearing those emotions, find a professional that can guide you through the process. It’s your life! Now’s the first day! Use it wisely. Good luck, everyone. Shed those pounds and find your health and happiness.