5 Steps to Stop Swilling In Your Old Story and Start Living A New Satisfactory One

Recently in my coaching sessions I’ve become more and more adament about getting people to discard their old, unsupportive, destructive Stories.

Yes! I have an agenda! I know, I know, coaches are supposed to walk beside you and hand-hold you as you walk your journey. Point out and help you get around blocks, blind spots and oopses. And not have  an agenda. I think that’s ridiculous.

Because I want more for my clients. I want them to get where they want to go easier and funner – and sooner.

So I use my personal favorites of levity, inspiration, and lots of love to get them to shed their Old Stories faster. Why?

Because once the Old Story isn’t there anymore, the New Story – the funner, more satisfying, more productive and utterly lovely one – can finally begin to come about. (I’m working on getting the word ‘funner’ into the dictionary….)

It’s so easy to sit there and dwell upon, bitch and moan about, remember and relive old hurts – what people said, what they did to you, how you felt, feel the confusion, hurt, powerlessness…aren’t you just really, really tired of that?

If you’re tired of the same-old, same old, here’s one very simple thing you can do right now:

1. Listen to what you’re saying/thinking

2. Stop, take a breath

3. Ask yourself, what would I RATHER have happen?

And before you allow the Doubt/Fear/Sabotage mind to whip into the space and tell you that you can’t have, be or do that for whatever reason…

4. Ask yourself: “what is ONE little step – even a nano-step – I can take towards moving into that preferred reality?”

And before you allow the Doubt/Fear/Sabotage mind to whip into the space and tell you that you can’t have, be or do that for whatever reason…

5. TAKE that step! TAKE it and jump into the new reality before your old habits grab you by the neck and drag you back into the old rut again.

And then…do it again…
And again…
And again!

And soon you will have created yourself right out of that painful Old Story.

Please, do it now – and every time you hear yourself bitching and moaning – even about the smallest thing!

Stop being in love with, justifying, indulging in and perpetuating your non-productive Old Story!

Oh! You say you’re not in love with it? Is that why you choose to dwell on it hour after hour? Day after day? No? Then why haven’t you thought up a new, more fun, more heart-filled story you enjoy more yet?

Especially if you’re a coach – I believe that we, as coaches, have a sacred job – that of facilitating our students and clients (and ourselves) in the reach for and attainment of higher levels of consciousness.

That doesn’t mean we have to climb a mountain and sit there like some famous guru. It means we need to walk our talk and do as we tell our students and clients to do – find higher vibratory levels of being, doing and having, and BE there, as much as we can – operate from there, lead from there.

Look at the word consciousness:
con = with,
-sciousness = knowingness.

That’s all it means (as if that was ‘all’!) It means we expand our awareness, our ability to see, understand, acknowledge and flow with What Is. That’s it. Nothing fancy, but very profound.

Keep remembering to ask yourself what you would prefer, and taking action towards that – impossible as it may seem at the time, there is always one small step you can take. Even if it’s just to imagine what that Other Reality might be.

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