Comments, Connectedness, and Kindness

I wonder why people feel so free to be outright a-holes, mean sons of bunches, and screaming ranting judgmental karens out to intentionally destroy some innocent person’s reality. I’m thinking about the comments we all make online — on Medium, … Continue reading


We learn to hide the pain. We feel unacceptable. We learn to present happy faces, calm demeanors, soft voices — where what we really feel like doing is screaming until our throats rip apart. Be kind. That’s what comes to … Continue reading


This is dedicated to any frustrated artist… I attended an intense marketing workshop today. It made me cry. It put me right smack dab up against the years of deep conditioning I have fought my entire life. I absolutely loved … Continue reading


When my kids were little, they were friends with a pair of brothers whose mother was insanely over-protective. She used to drive me nuts. I can still hear her shrill shriek, “Don’t climb that wall, you’ll fall off! If you … Continue reading

Do You Speak UP?

“How Do You Speak Up Fearlessly?” I’ve been speaking up a lot on Facebook about the recent situation in Indiana where war has pretty much been declared on gay people. They are trying to instigate a new law there saying … Continue reading

DO Something!

Lately I’ve been cruising Facebook a bunch. Probably too much. I get hooked by the posts on what’s happening out there in the world. Many of them are really upsetting to me – reports of heinous things people do to … Continue reading

How to Soften & Connect with the Divine w/o Becoming a Total Wimp

It’s time to soften. From what I see in the media, we’re about to lose the health of our entire planet. It’s time for the love of power and the warrior mindset in the power-seeking greed-saturated armed forces, police forces … Continue reading

It’s Not About the Guns!

I’m hearing people say, “stop allowing people to have access to guns.” But I wonder…. President Obama ended his speech today with this: “Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.” Is there any deeper call to action to … Continue reading

Have You Been Asked, “Why Are You Not Playing A Bigger Game?” Maybe You Don’t Really Want to!

Ponder this: How many times have you seen an email or video or website that tells you you ‘need to play bigger,’ or have a bigger business? I’ve said it myself. But it’s getting old. What if I don’t want … Continue reading

RANT: The Time is NOW.

In 1988, multiple countries and an unlikely combination of organizations combined efforts to rescue 3 California Grey Whales were trapped in ice, with only one small air hole, five miles from the open sea. Without more breathing holes, they would … Continue reading

You Have Some Nerve!

I got a note yesterday from a woman who was enraged about…and refused to come to…my Raise Your Fees Fearlessly teleclass. How could I “possibly tell people to raise their fees when so many people are having so much trouble … Continue reading

Split Attention

Yesterday I saw a video online in which a teenager was coming out, announcing to his mom that he was gay. As the video starts you can see he’s really nervous. The mom walks in, and she asks what’s up … Continue reading