PUBLISHED! INSIDE SECRETS: Stories I’ve Never Told Anyone: Volume VII – Stone Carver in Italy

I’m very pleased to say that my latest INSIDE SECRETS book, Volume VII, is now out and on amazon! All about my crazy trip to Italy to learn how to carve marble. You can get it in print here:  … Continue reading

Happy 2017!!!

How many years have you set great goals for the new year…and ended up not doing them – and then feeling bad about it? Ugh! Me too. And not only that, but on top of not doing what I said … Continue reading

Do You Allow Your Inner Guidance?

Have you ever wanted to keep doing something you love, but it just seemed like something was in the way? I’ve felt like that. I couldn’t figure out what what to do. Finally, I made a very simple, very powerful … Continue reading

No More Living Life Like a Zombie!

How do you go about announcing that you feel like you’re coming back from the land of the almost-dead? Well. Maybe that says it! See, five years ago, I had two near-fatal internal organ failures. I got into surgery by … Continue reading

It’s Not About the Guns!

I’m hearing people say, “stop allowing people to have access to guns.” But I wonder…. President Obama ended his speech today with this: “Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.” Is there any deeper call to action to … Continue reading

Why Would an ‘EXPERT’ Take More Classes?

Yesterday, after I attended an excellent teleclass with the amazing Rebecca Marina. Not soon after it was over, I got an email from someone who knew of me and had heard my voice on the call. She said she was … Continue reading

Thanks for Helping Me Choose Images for This Year’s Holiday, Joy and Love Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to please help me decide which images were your top five to use over the holidays. I literally have hundreds of images to choose from, so it’s sometimes hard for me to … Continue reading

Are You Truly Open to Receive, or Could There Be More?

Today as I worked with someone on opening up, she said she felt jealous of other coaches she sees who are “doing so much better” financially. “I feel so jealous, because I’ve spent so much time and energy on my … Continue reading

Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos: Conquers Cancer Twice with Her Intuition & Prophetic Dreams

Ever had a dream where you were told it was imperative that you go see your doctor…after he had just sent you home with an “all-clear” bill of health? That’s exactly what one of the amazing, intuitive, prophetic dreams Kathleen … Continue reading

Get “Allow It to Be Easy” FREE!

My friend professional spirit channel Connie Russert and I created a book I think you will love. Her channeled words, my artwork. The words in this book come directly from Spirit. The energy of Spirit accompanies the words. Allow yourself … Continue reading

New Coaching Marketing Paradigm: Exciting or Intimidating?

STATE of the THE ART, too INTIMIDATING, or JUST PLAIN too MUCH WORK? Have you noticed how many people are getting into the video-squeeze page and multiple freebies thing to sell their coaching services? I think the level of technology … Continue reading

Dr. Stephen West, Daring Dreamer

The Daring Dreamers Showcase Presents: Interview with Daring Dreamer Dr. Stephen West •   How did Dr. West bring back to life a man who was pronounced dead for an hour & a half & already on ice? •   What exactly … Continue reading

Author? Artist? Energy Practitioner? Do You Feel Rejected Sometimes?

Are you an artist who sees people ooh and ahh about your work…and then walk away without buying it? Or maybe no matter how many galleries you approach, you can’t seem to land a spot in one? Or maybe you’re … Continue reading


I decided about a month ago that, although I felt very fortunate and very rich, my life could be even more so. Why not?? So I have been incorporating some simple things that have been enabling me to create that. … Continue reading

How’s Your Prosperity This Week?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people telling me about how this week they have been freaked out, stuck, paralyzed with fear, can’t move forward to do what they know they need to … Continue reading

Now You Can Get Fantastic Prints of My Paintings, Pastels & Drawings!

A big part of my expanding my Dream of doing more art is finally being able to make prints available of my work. And it’s happening! Now people can get really nice prints of my work on paper, framed or … Continue reading

Quit Wanting the Spectacular and Missing Out on What’s Right Inside of You!

Have you noticed how so many people want and expect to ‘make a difference,’ be ‘big,’ be or do something spectacular and important? What if we all just really ‘got it’ that it’s enough to be ourselves and to give … Continue reading