When my kids were little, they were friends with a pair of brothers whose mother was insanely over-protective. She used to drive me nuts. I can still hear her shrill shriek, “Don’t climb that wall, you’ll fall off! If you … Continue reading

It’s Not About the Guns!

I’m hearing people say, “stop allowing people to have access to guns.” But I wonder…. President Obama ended his speech today with this: “Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.” Is there any deeper call to action to … Continue reading

Renegade Dentist Dr. Joe Rubino Becomes Global Self-Esteem Expert

Woohoo! Dr. Self Esteem is back! I was so lucky to be able to interview Dr. Joe Rubino last week for the Daring Dreamers Showcase! Have you ever had a really big dream…and then dreamed it even bigger? Dr. Joe … Continue reading

New Coach? Invest in Yourself!

This is a note I sent to someone who wants to get energy practices into the hospitals in his area. I’m adding it here because I think any new emergy coach could use the same information, inspiration and encouragement. Here … Continue reading