It’s Not About the Guns!

I’m hearing people say, “stop allowing people to have access to guns.” But I wonder….

President Obama ended his speech today with this: “Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.”

Is there any deeper call to action to those of us with such powerful tools as EFT, EMDR, NLP, etc., that are so very effective helping people reclaim emotional and mental stability?

We can help people who were like the victims of this shooting in CT. Of course they need counseling and consoling. But the shooter, too, as well as the people in his family!


Just imagine that you feel volcanically angry, hurt and enraged at people because you’ve felt so alone, rejected, victimized or shunned by everyone your entire life.

You feel so terrible that life is no longer worth living, and you can’t hold in the powerful rage one more second. You’ve wanted to hurt just any body, because maybe it would get you a little revenge, maybe stop your pain a little.

I’m not saying that YOU would do that, but can you SEE that, if you felt that terrible and wanted to hurt someone, even if you didn’t have guns, you might use whatever is at hand? You might have a string of big, powerful fireworks, or grenades, or a crossbow, or a set of throwing knives.

You’d use whatever you could when you try to get back at the ones who you perceived had hurt you or who had enabled that hurt to happen.

And what’s even worse for you is that after you do the unthinkable deed, you’re going to be reviled even worse than any other time in his entire life! So much for vengeance.

Can you see that it’s not about the guns? That it’s about the lack of mental and emotional stability that caused this to occur?

I can’t say that I know even a sliver of the grand plan of the universe. But I can say that I do believe that if the shooter had had mental and emotional support early on in his life there is probably a good chance that he would never have contemplated perpetrating such a horror.

Our work is before us: I repeat President Obama’s words, “Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.”

So I say to you EFT / energy practitioners: if you continually wonder, “why would anyone hire me? What worth do I have to deliver for people?” Stop that destructive internal dialog nonsense right this second.

Because you know as well as I do that your work is critical for people who suffer from unresolved emotional and mental pressures.

That when you help people using your amazing energy tools, you help transform lives.

You help people climb out from under depression, suicide, hatred, rage. From long-standing physical illness and pain. From unresolved relationship issues.

That and that alone is what today’s shooting was about – unresolved emotional and mental pressure. Not guns.

Please stop self-obsessing with debilitating questions that keep you from functioning and doing your work. Start helping more people.

When people ask you what you do, don’t tell them, “I’m an EFT practitioner.”

  • Tell them you help people erase emotional pain!
  • Tell them you help people get over fear, anger, depression!
  • Tell people you help them find new ways to resolve old problems, get to the next level in business, or stop worrying about money!
  • Tell them you help people get over test anxiety, rent worries, fear of getting onstage, even fear of being famous, or not being able to perform as expected!

Because that’s what you do, right?

Then ask them what their lives would be like if they could get over their inner devils. BE with them until they see that it’s not only possible, but crucial so they can feel better, do better, live better!

You DO have value, silly bean! Even if you only helped one person, you’ve helped many more people who’d have been affected by that person. It ripples out.

I say to you once, more – our work is before us: we have the tools, we can help people heal their broken hearts and bind up their wounds. Have at it.



Yes, you really do help people. But remember, it’s not just to ‘get rid of’ broken, unresolved and miserable feelings. It’s about helping people find their deepest heart’s desire and bring it to the world.

Because THAT’s what we’re all really here for…to find, create, and live our deepest heart’s desire!

Can you tell I totally believe in the power of love?

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