Are You A Writer or Author?

Do you know where to publish your articles and stories? I’ve added a rich list of various places to publish at the end of this note — you’ll want to bookmark and save this — lots of good info. Maybe … Continue reading


Despite feeling so insulted and so enraged, and so helpless to do anything about what had happened, I also knew I had to, could, and absolutely would, change How Things Were. After I got home from my sailing-across-the-Pacific journey, I … Continue reading

PUBLISHED! INSIDE SECRETS: Stories I’ve Never Told Anyone: Volume VII – Stone Carver in Italy

I’m very pleased to say that my latest INSIDE SECRETS book, Volume VII, is now out and on amazon! All about my crazy trip to Italy to learn how to carve marble. You can get it in print here:  … Continue reading


Recently I’ve been creating a 1-2-3 systems webinar for teaching authors how to make their own audio books. Why audio books, you ask? Because although it’s easy to publish kindle books on amazon, you can get your audio books onto … Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I was approached by a not-so-very-well-known company that prints books, art prints and other arty products. They wanted me to submit a book of images for them to print. The deal was they’d give me $150 … Continue reading

My Heart Is Broken

I see the world in terms of the Heart – what other way is there to view it if we are to remain at all sane? It has to be the very fundamental core of everything. Sometimes as I read … Continue reading

COLOR: Special Collector’s Edition

Celebrating! My first hard-cover collector’s edition of my abstract paintings is finally out! This is huge for me! Huge! I’m so very excited about it! I’m adding pix of a whole bunch of pages below to let you see how … Continue reading