We artists are notoriously bad at marketing ourselves. We’d much rather be making the art, not selling it, schlepping it around to galleries or fairs or other sales venues, or gabbing about it relentlessly on social media. Just gimme my studio!

Some artists are getting better at showing their work, though, and it’s exciting to see! So, I cooked up this project of making ebooks for the artists who’d like to put more attention on selling their work. Below you can see two of the most recent ebooks.

Angela Mortimer is known for portraying of cats in her delightful, whimsical innocent/yet sophisticated style; and accomplished artist Linda Blondheim, is known for her lifetime passion for, and portrayal of, the indigenous trees of Florida.

You can download a small sample of each ebook:
Linda Blondheim’s HERE, and Angela Mortimer’s HERE.









Want your own art ebook?

If you’d like to have a 50-pieces-of-art ebook made for you, please contact me and we can go over the (very affordable) details!

REQUIREMENTS: Keep in mind that you will need a minimum of 50 good, clear images of your work, saved as a 6″ wide, 300-dpi jpg. It will help you if you have a website from which you can share your ebook. If you have Facebook and Instagram accounts, too, that’s even better.

Not enough images? Start taking pix of your work right now! Create a file for them, so one day down the road you can say, “Hey! I’ve got enough images! Now I can get Angela to make me a book!”

And remember, your pix don’t necessarily have to all of finished pieces – you can show pix of your studio, your materials, tools and equipment, works in progress, yourself as you paint or carve or splash mud around, and framed or mounted pieces when they are finished. And hanging on the wall or displayed in a setting.

When your book is finished, I’d love to be able to show yours off, too – you’ll get free exposure right here!

You’ll be able to use your new ebook for whatever purpose you want – you can give it away, sell it, whatever – it’s all yours to do whatever you want with.

Contact me HERE.