When I first moved to Hawaii in 1966, I was introduced to a local oriental dish called Saimin. It was a rich chickeny or maybe fishy broth, with thin slices of roast pork, chopped green onions, long, skinny, squiggly, tangled … Continue reading


In January, I enrolled in a course to learn how to create sellable surface pattern designs. I’m intending to find out how to create designs I can sell and license to individuals and companies for reproduction on fabric, wallpaper, wrapping … Continue reading


Silly Tiger says… “Those minty leaves look so refreshing! And my new pink hairdo feels so divine!” More silliness is required the longer we are in lockdown, yes? Here’s to silliness for your day. Original – pastels on 12″x12″ gessoed … Continue reading


Who doesn’t like honey! When Honey Bear went to the river today, he found part of a honey comb that had fallen from the Honey Tree! What a score! As the bees buzzed around him trying to get it back, … Continue reading

Twisted Tales Book #2 is out!

The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic I’m so excited to announce that book #2 in the Twisted Tales series, The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic, is now ready in print on Amazon.com and also on the Kindle! I … Continue reading