Art always makes me feel better. Like somehow, I’m Doing My Life Right. Maybe it’s because I go into a trancey kind of out-there in-there smooth, calm, non-thinking zone state while I’m creating art. Maybe it’s because when I see … Continue reading


Silly Tiger says… “Those minty leaves look so refreshing! And my new pink hairdo feels so divine!” More silliness is required the longer we are in lockdown, yes? Here’s to silliness for your day. Original – pastels on 12″x12″ gessoed … Continue reading

Now You Can Get Fantastic Prints of My Paintings, Pastels & Drawings!

A big part of my expanding my Dream of doing more art is finally being able to make prints available of my work. And it’s happening! Now people can get really nice prints of my work on paper, framed or … Continue reading