SELBY’S Favorite Game (Not Really)

Recently I watched one of those ‘cute’ animal videos where a seal was bouncing a ball around and playing catch with its trainer in one of those sea life shows. I wanted to relf. Seals belong OUTside. They are cute, … Continue reading

Rachael Jayne Groover: Are You Feminine and Fearless?

Sometimes I get snagged into facebook. Especially if there’s a good video – “oh it’s only 4 minutes long,” I’ll think – and then I’ll watch some of the related videos when the first one closes… And before I know … Continue reading

Are All Those Freebies You Listen to and Watch Really Free?

Hate to tell ya – “FREE” just simply…isn’t. Play with this: let’s just pretend you make 100 bucks an hour. Now add up all the hours you spend reading or watching freebie stuff (that say pretty much the same thing … Continue reading