Rachael Jayne Groover: Are You Feminine and Fearless?

international-organisation-for-human-rightsSometimes I get snagged into facebook. Especially if there’s a good video – “oh it’s only 4 minutes long,” I’ll think – and then I’ll watch some of the related videos when the first one closes…

And before I know it, an hour has gone by and my work has been hanging there waiting for me all this time….And I end up rushing and wishing I hadn’t done that, and I’ll do better tomorrow….

So today I purposely set aside 30 minutes for cruising FB. I figured if I enjoy it that much, I need to integrate it into my life better, so I can honor my desires and wishes without beating myself up.

I’m so glad I did that today, because I found some short little videos on what life is like living in the Taliban reality. Not for the squeamish. But I was so glad I’d seen them, because when I shut the videos down at my allotted 30 minutes, I was awash with emotions – so sad, angry…but mostly grateful.

•  Grateful I don’t have to cover my entire body with a big cloth when I go out – that I can go outside my home unescorted at all!
•  That I wasn’t married off by my father at the age of 9 to another man whose 11 year-old sister my father wanted for ….
•  That I wasn’t ever married to a man who only wanted me to work dark to dark a s another unpaid thread-bare poppy-picker.
•  That I didn’t have to marry a man who burned my hands and feet to punish me for going to sleep since I was too young to be intimate and was terrified of him.
•  That I never had a husband who beat me – in 3 marriages, never even once.
•  That I have never – even during the worst times in my life when I spent 6 months destitute, depressed and homeless in New Mexico in the middle of winter – had to squat on a dusty street begging all day, to go home to a tiny crust of bread in the dim, smelly light of one kerosene lantern.
•  That I can work, drive, read, play, shop and make money without a man standing over me, having to escort me in public.
•  That no one berates me daily for how stupid I am.

•  That no one is in control of me but me.

That last one is the most important of all – no one is in control of me but me. In the end, it’s the choices I make that determine my life.

And the same is true for you, too.

So I invite you to take a really good look at what YOU are grateful for in your own life.

I say all this because today was the day I was going to send out a notice for Feminine and Fearless Video #3 for Rachael Jayne Groover.

I had some nice copy all written…and then I watched those videos.

It still brings me to tears to remember those seared hands, swollen feet and broken spirits. Tears of rage.

So instead of sending out that first email, I’m winging it here – can you feel it?- and I’m inviting you to continue to further raising consciousness by watching Rachael’s video about how to be feminine and fearless. http://tinyurl.com/rachael-videos

Because I believe in my heart of hearts that those of us who can be grateful for the riches, comforts and pleasures we do have, have an obligation to be good role models of how things CAN be for those who don’t.

No matter what level of abundance you might be on right now, I guarantee you, you’re better off than those women I just talked about.

I wonder – where did you look for inspiration when you were feeling down, less-than, needy, depressed, sad, mad, ill, powerless or helpless?

Not to someone else experiencing that same helplessness, right? You looked to someone whose life was working better than yours, to see what they were doing, what they said, what they advised.

You might compare your self to your own highest ideal and find yourself falling short. But in reality, on your worst day, you know more and can do more than most people on their best day. Even if it’s one little tiny bit more – you can still inspire someone.

Truth is, none of us even knows what it is about us that inspires others. I’ve had people come up to me on the street and say to me, “I want whatever it is you’re on, because you have a spring in your step and walk with confidence and purpose!’ They were reinspired just by my walking down the street!

So if you are a woman coach, speaker, entrepreneur, biz owner, artist, singer, radio show host – whatever – who loves the whole idea of more freedom, fun, prosperity, love and joy in the world…who loves to help others transform their realities to ones they like…

I so implore you to continue to take a powerful stand for higher knowing, higher inspiration, higher consciousness! If we can vibrate that to our best ability, we can truly build a yes-life, a sweet-home life, an I’m-so-OK-just-being-me life, and I-love-you-life.

Here’s Rachael’s link – if you haven’t seen the videos yet, register for them now. If you have, I hope you enjoy today’s video #3, where she shows you how to use videos for getting your important message out. CLICK HERE FOR RACHAEL’S VIDEOS!

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