Happy, Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee!

Yesterday was my birthday! I never thought of myself as a writer . . .

Waldo Dreams of Tango

I woke up to grey skies and freezing cold air — I’d forgotten to close my window to only an inch like I usually do. It was wide open, and all the cold night air was hurricaning around in my bedroom. Man it was cold!

But that’s OK — I jumped up and got warm, and decided to have a great day. I kept it mellow — napped and cruised a bit online, and then had a wee tiny party last night with two friends. Just the way I like it.

Before they came over, I did something I’d never done before — I made a list of a few things I wanted to celebrate having done this last year. I ended up quite pleased with it all!

Have you done that yet, for this year? If/when you do, I bet you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve gotten done and what you have learned.

If you haven’t made a list, what would you like to have done or found out? Make that list, and then get to it! I bet it would make you feel so good to set a direction and take action!


I was delighted to add to my list that, in addition to the three books I wrote and illustrated last year, I was able to continue with four more books. Now there are seven books in the INSIDE SECRETS, Stories I’ve Never Told Anyone series!

You can get the ebooks here: atlyon.gumroad.com
And you can get them in print on amazon.


I ended a two-year focus on creating designs for fabric and wall paper in February. In all, there are 803 unique designs, from which I created around 3200 variations.

I can hear you say nah, you didn’t create all that in just two years! But yup, I did. That’s what happens when you’re obsessed with something you love and love doing.

When I get obsessed with something, I dream it, sleep it, eat it, walk with it, and make it into my entire life.

I get so wrapped up in it I forget everything else, and just stream out all this amazing stuff from my fingertips. Sometimes I look at it and wonder how I did it.

What are you obsessed with?
What will you do with it?

Will it become a book? Or some awesome music? Or a screenplay, or a webinar or a coaching program? What is it? I hope you will share your projects with me!


I think I told you a couple months ago I had shifted into doing more writing than arting. It’s been awesome! I started by writing out some of the stories of my odd, adventure-filled life. Then I allowed myself to become as obsessed with writing as I was with designing.

I signed up for a wonderful writing course with @AmberPetty (who is my absolute favorite-EVer coach/instructor! AmberPetty.com) — she had us pitching our writing to get into magazines the second week of the course!

So on a lark, I pitched a small sailing magazine with a story of how I almost ran my small boat right into the side of a big yacht — and they loved it! They published it within two days of my sending it to them — and asked for more.

I hadn’t believed anyone would even care about, much less publish, my little story. You could have knocked me over with a half a feather!


I started putting my stories on medium.com/@lyonlyon — I think there are around 100 stories now. I’ve been blown away that some of them have received over 1K ‘likes’ (they call them claps) — how cool is that, to have so many people appreciate your work!

And then I heard of substack.com — have you ever heard of it? It’s a lot like Medium, where you can post your writing. People subscribe either for free or they pay five bucks a month to get your articles/stories/newsletters.

I have a few stories on Substack if you’d like to see them — lyonlyon.substack.com — my page is very much in the first stages of implementation, but so far I think it’s coming along OK. If you check it out, I’d love it if you’d tell me what you think!


I suggest you open either a Medium or Substack account and start getting your articles and stories OUT there for people to read and love!

I have never thought of myself as a writer. Yes, I have written, illustrated and published more than 50 books, but somehow I just thought of myself as an author, not a writer. Someone who writes stories, or does copywriting, or article writing. I guess that needs to change!

What do you think of yourself? Do you have the courage to start publishing? I hope so!


So last night we celebrated the books, the designs, and the medium and Substack stories.

And living one more year, of course! It blows me away that my years add up to 78 — I feel –maybe– 29 inside.

I guess that’s how it goes, though — I know a bunch of other folks over 70 who say the same thing. All of them incredible creators. I always believed I’d be all wrinkle-crumpled up and collapsed on death’s door at 75! Ah well! So much for those crazy beliefs!!!!


I’ll be revising and reading aloud my EFT book, Change Your Mind with EFT, in the next few weeks. I hope you’ll stay tuned — I’ll be publishing it on Substack. I want more people to find out about tapping!

In the kind-time, you can still get the book as is in print on amazon, and as an ebook at atlyon.gumroad.com.


Imagine me handing you a piece of cake and a glass of something you like to wash it down. Hopefully I’ll still be around next year to celebrate some more weird, odd, new, fun stuff with you!

p.s. Go sign up to write on Medium or Substack today!

No, I’m not being paid to mention them — I just see the need for more good stuff out in a world that is very miserable right now.

You can tell us about your life, or share your knowledge, or help people learn new skills. How awesome would it be to have even one person tell you how much they appreciate what you shared with them, or even how much it helped them, or changed their life!

You can do this!


Thanks for reading!

This is what inspired me to write all this:

Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk everything, you risk even more.

~ Erica Jong, Author


Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee!
© Angela Treat Lyon 2023

Image: Waldo Dreams of Tango
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