Erecting Energetic Safety Zones

‘They’ say “we are all energy, frequencies…” So … I’m wondering … what if we could actually make use of that idea?

Star Fruit

We are all eating great quantities of chemicals, unbalanced or poisoned nutrients, plastic particles, and industrial byproducts that our bodies cannot use, metabolize or eliminate. We just can’t actually see it all, or I bet we wouldn’t do it.

The food we buy looks and feels OK. But when we get it home, the wax doesn’t come off the veggies — ew! Who wants to eat wax? The meat looks odd — I won’t buy meat anymore unless it’s wild.

The mayonnaise has some strange stuff called ‘bioengineered materials’ added to it — just exactly what is that??? What happened to good old eggs, mustard and oil?

The stickers on apples and now myriads of other foods say ‘Apeel’ — what is that? Oh — that stuff they immerse foods in to make it last longer — like — a year!

I bought 3 avocados, looking forward to making guacamole for a gathering. I opened each one, only to find yughy rotten goo inside. Nice stuff. NOT.

We see in FB reels and tik toks that ‘everything is energy,’ ‘everything is frequency.’

(I love for their stories about energy and how to use it, and other mysterious and controversial things.)

So? What’s ‘everything is frequency’ got to do with my avocados or apples or potatoes?

It’s got everything to do with it.

Because if we can change the frequency of our beings, why couldn’t we change the frequencies of our foods, or our homes, or our bodies?

That made me think of something that happened a long time ago, when I was at a week-long dousing conference at the Ozark Research Institute ( in Oklahoma. It was led by an incredible healer named Harold McCoy, who taught us how to do energetic healing, using his hands-on method.

At lunch on the first day of the conference, my friend Nancy, who was sitting next to me, jumped out of her chair exclaiming, “Do that again!”

We all looked up from our plates at the man she was addressing, whose face was flushed crimson with surprise.

“What?!? What? I was just blessing my food!” he stuttered. “Is there something wrong?”

Nancy sat back in her chair, laughing that nervous not-sure-if-I’m-right kind of laugh. She seemed dumbfounded. She asked, “That’s it? You were just blessing your food?”

The man frowned a bit, and replied, “Yes, I’m a minister, and I’m just saying a traditional prayer over my food!”

“Oh! Well, I see energy,” Nancy exclaimed, “and I was surprised to see your whole plate light up like a lamp! That’s why I jumped. Can you do it again so I can watch?”

So the minister does it again, and Nancy is quiet almost all the way through. Right before he gets to the end, she cried, “There it is! What did you just say?”

The minister, shocked, said, “I just said, ‘bless this food, may it benefit me and my body, and help me be a source of good for others.’ That’s it!”

Nancy laughed and laughed, saying, “You went through all that rigamarole for 4 minutes, and nothing lit up. Only that last part! Why don’t you just say that?

He laughed, and agreed it would certainly cut a lot of extraneous time off his prayer!

Divine Light

He and Nancy became best buddies at that conference, spending most of their time trying out various and sundry words and blessings. At the end, she told us that she just loved that one phrase the most. It was so powerful she had started using it, too.

At dinner on our last night, for a lark, we decided that those of us at the table (of ten) would all do that prayer together. Nancy about bust a gut when the entire table lit up for her!

I wish I could have seen what she saw! She told us it was as if someone had shone a lighthouse lamp onto the whole table, the food, and all of us, for a radius of about 3 feet beyond.

When I got home, I started to wonder what would happen if I said the blessing, imagining at the same time that it had a particular shape.

I wondered how it would be if it was formed in a torus shape, with distinct ‘threads’ of energy circulating up through the center, down the side, into and back out, and around again. It would be like a non-stop, eternal blessing-motion machine.

I began blessing my food that way before I ate. I ‘see’ energy, but it’s people energy, not energy of things, the way Nancy does, so I can’t tell by vision what happens when I do the torus blessing. But I can say that the food seems to taste better. Subjective, I know. Waddyagonnado.

The other day I was watching a reel on FB showing how people in NYC have gotten so brazen they’re walking into stores and looting them, right out in the bright light of day! Loading up their waiting cars out front with heaps of stolen goods!

Shocked the hell out of me. And I was stunned to see other reels about similar thievery by people making car and home break-ins. What has the world come to that people are so nasty, and do such horrible things? Never mind the political stuff going on …

It made me feel unsafe, frightened, suspicious. I don’t much like that.

I knew I could bless my food, and my body, but what if I could erect an energetic safety zone on my front door! What if I could erect an energetic protection around our whole little housing complex?

So I sat in meditation, and an image came to my mind of a beautiful turquoise door surrounded by flowers, radiating love and light, and anyone who was not of a frequency to match not only could not break in, they couldn’t even see or find the houses, or the doors!

I asked my friend, Michael Maloney, who creates amazing AI art, to make me an image showing a door like that. The one you see here is one of the ones he created for me.

A magical door protecting its home
The Blessing Door

So now this little ten-apartment complex has a globe of pure white light encircling it, and my front door is protected and blessed by that beautiful door and glorious doorway, that radiate love and blessings at passersby or anyone who comes up to the door.

What if we did that for everything? What if we set energetic protection around our food and other objects — in the stores, our cars, the roads, other people, schools, homes, businesses — what would that be like?

Would the denser people and things fall away?

Would the blessed things be more radiant?

Would they help raise the frequency of the planet and ourselves so the ugly nasty hurtful things going on would eventually decline, and finally cease?

Sure can’t hurt to try it!


Thanks for reading my story!

I know all this sounds pretty woowoo. That’s OK — I’ve been doing energy work on myself and others since the early 80s, and it’s not only powerful, it’s shockingly effective. It’s the best thing since chocolate fudge.

The simplest and easiest-to-learn form of it is EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Find out more about EFT/tapping, and get the ebook and print book manual here:

Erecting Energetic Safety Zones
© Angela Treat Lyon 2023

Star Fruit

© Angela Treat Lyon 2002

And I hope you like Michael’s images!

© Michael Maloney 2023, used with permission.

Blessing Door
© Michael Maloney 2023, used with permission.

Michael J. Maloney has some really amazing beautiful puzzles I know you will love as much as I do here:


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