Teachers: Make Money Selling Your Lessons

Here’s something that surprised me recently – did you know you can sell your lesson plans? You can! And people pay dearly for them! You can also sell your worksheets, class exercises, reading guides, and other helpful educational resources!


Why teach one group of kids in school, when you can teach thousands through other teachers all over the world?

Teachers write and sell their materials


Here are some handy-dandy links to websites where you can sell your teaching stuff, as well as a few how-to sites, so you can find out how to do this. Check them out to see if any of them fit for you.

Go slow, and read each one carefully, then choose ONE to start with and see how it goes. If you find it doesn’t work for you, then try your second choice, and so on.

There are teachers selling their plans and ideas who either had to quit for health or other various reasons, or were making so much from their sales that they decided to quit their jobs.

You could do that, too! That, of course, is up to you. I wish you the best luck with this – please keep me apprised if you find you have success with any of these sites – I love success stories!


4 Places to Sell Teaching Materials Online

Don’t be fooled by a namby-pamby website name – there’s a lot to unpack just in this one post!

“…Selling teaching materials has become a popular passive income opportunity for many educators, some claiming to have earned six figures through their online sales. Today we are looking at five popular destinations for your learning products….”

Note: They mention Etsy being a place to sell your stuff – I’d avoid it, and instead focus on websites that are solely for teachers.

A Marketplace For Teachers

“…TeachersTrading is an online marketplace for educators from all over the world. Educators can work from home, share, sell and buy lesson plans, teaching products, games, lectures, books, etc.

By using TeachersTrading.com, educators help each other enhance their teaching practice and get paid, (sometimes they share materials for free). Everyone wins.
TeachersTrading offers 3 different websites to sell your content on. Each website has a different focus. You can use just one, two, or all three websites….”

A Marketplace for Teachers to Sell, Share and Shine

This teacher “…has flourished in the online market for school resources. Today, her TeachersPayTeachers (TPT) store offers 192 items, ranging from free resources to $50 for a bundle of math materials. She also enjoys more than 6,600 followers on the site—a following that she believes has helped boost her brand on social media as well….”


You need to be aware of the ins and outs. Be cognizant about copyrights.

How to Create, Promote & Sell Teaching Materials and Resources

“…Lesson plans will generally include worksheets related to class topics, several class exercises, some reading guides, and some helpful educational resources that reinforce the lesson in students’ minds….”

How to Sell Teaching Resources Online

You can “…already have a collection of personally created educational materials or … be starting from scratch.” You prepare the materials as digital files and for online distribution. “…You don’t need to be a graphic artist or designer to create your own materials. You can keep the design simple and use software such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to start designing….”

How to sell lesson plans & teaching resources

“…Will somebody buy what you have to offer? Considering that there are tons of examples of teachers who earn good money online, the answer is yes!

For example, a USA Today article tells the story of Jen Regan, who’s managed to sell $100,000 worth of lesson plans. In fact, she became so good at it that she could quit teaching altogether, and devote her life to helping other teachers with her blog called Two Little Birds….”


You can find more resources about this subject HERE.


Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you in your journey!







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