Kasey Traeger, Lady Tech Tamer: Use Video to Amp Up Your SEO

Guest article by my friend, Kasey Traeger, otherwise know as the Lady tech Tamer (thanks, Kasey!)

In spite of the fact that the basic principles of search engine optimization haven’t changed in a few years, many business owners still seem a bit befuddled and confused about SEO, thinking that if they want to achieve really good search results and land on the first page of Google, they need to hire an SEO firm.

Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. (My apologies to anyone who owns or operates an SEO company, but in my experience teaching SEO techniques to other business owners, I have firsthand experience that business owners can absolutely achieve very favorable SEO results on their own before they bring on the expertise of an SEM company.)

Today, the easiest (and fastest) way to achieve very nice search results is through video. In the spirit of keeping this article brief (as in “Quick Tip”), I won’t bore you with the theory behind it. Instead, here are the quick steps to achieving SEO bliss from your videos.

  1. Choose the keywords that you want to rank for and create a video about that topic.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube and modify the name of the video title to include your keyword phrase.
  3. Add a hyperlink back to your website within your video’s YouTube description.
  4. Embed the video somewhere on your website, usually a blog post, being sure to include your keywords near the video on the page.
  5. As you begin building up a number of videos on your website, create a video sitemap to help the search engines properly index your videos and the content of the pages on which they are embedded.

The last step will probably be the most confusing for many people. To help, I created a short guide that shows how to create a video sitemap for Google. It’s available at http://ladytechtamer.com/videositemap.

With this bit of powerful knowledge, you’ll find that your website (and your YouTube video pages) will rise to the top of the search results more quickly than with basic blog writing and article submissions. The key point is to make sure you’re uploading videos regularly. The more videos you create, the better your search rank.

Kasey Traeger, The Lady Tech Tamer, is the owner of Web Tech Tamers and your go-to resource for all things web-techy. To receive her free tech tips and web “strategery” info, visit her blog at LadyTechTamer.com.


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