Are All Those Freebies You Listen to and Watch Really Free?

Computer Blues © Lyon 2009Hate to tell ya – “FREE” just simply…isn’t.

Play with this: let’s just pretend you make 100 bucks an hour.

Now add up all the hours you spend reading or watching freebie stuff (that say pretty much the same thing in different ways) in one week. Go on, just guesstimate it right here. No one’s looking but you!

Be prepared to be very shocked! Because if you watch just 4 hours’ free videos a week, you’ve ‘spent’ 400 bucks’ worth of time you could have used to do what you’re good at and for which you could have charged money!

Instead, you were spending it looking for freebies. You thought you were saving money. But you were spending it, instead. Ouch.

And here’s a kicker…you and I both know that the time you spend doing ‘free’ stuff online every week is in reality a whole lot more than 4 hours, isn’t it?

What to do? Take the info you got from ONE freebie. Take that time you’d have spent looking for more info online, and use it to IMPLEMENT what that one freebie has shown you!

Then do another one, and another one, and do it again – until you’ve gotten some tangible results! Little step by little step, you’ll get where you want to go.

Want real success? Quit it with the freebies, and stick with one expert you know, like and respect, whose stuff you like. And spend your time DOing what they suggest.


Are All Those Freebies You Listen to and Watch Really Free? — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Angela,
    I love the way you can sift the wheat from the chaff. Very focussed and down to earth.

    I am impressed.

    With warm regards,