No More “Everything is FREE” Online….

My Dreams Come in Floating Moonfulls © Lyon 1999Get used to stuff online costing money. The days of “everything on the internet is free” are looooong gone!

The reality is that whatever freebie video or ebook you see on someone’s site is going to be a promotion for their further teaching or products.

Think about it like this: it’s just like those people who have tables with freebie cookies or chips at the grocery store – they want you to have a taste so you can choose to buy more.

Each person who puts out freebies knows there are a certain group of people who will really like and trust his or her materials. So they put out the freebies as little tastes, so ‘their’ people will find them and sign on.

People who either don’t want what they have to offer, or can’t make the payments, or who are simply freebie cruisers will all drop away. The marketer ends up with just the right people.

And there’s not one thing wrong with doing that.

Now that you know that, you can ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do I like the taste I got from this person?
  • Do I like the way he or she speaks to me?
  • Do I like the stuff being offered?
  • Will I get good results if I invest in more?
  • Am I OK with what is being charged according to the results I’m going to get from it?

    Those are the real questions you need to contemplate.

Then be really choosy. When you find someone you really like and whose info and hand-holding work for you, I sugges that you stick with that one main ‘expert’ to start with, and maybe a couple of others whose work you admire and get good info from.

Ditch the others. Unsubscribe. Why? Because sifting through their stuff is just going to take up more time, distract you and confuse you with conflicting information. Choose one, and then take action on what you’ve learned.

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