Why Do I Use Affiliate & Bit.ly Links?

Why not tell you about others' stuff?This is something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while – and yesterday someone asked me about it, so I guess it’s time to talk about it.

Maybe you notice that, 1. I use bit.ly links. And that 2. I sometimes tell you about other people’s offers – books, marketing advice, products – that I think you could use.

Well, why would telling you about other people’s stuff  not be OK?

I tell you about it because I know that I can’t possiblly coach you all! And some of the things you need for your progress to success is beyond my capabilities, or maybe it’s stuff I have no desire to teach. So I tell you about other people’s prodcuts and services to you to make sure you have access to what you need for your practice and your business success.

Now, here’s what’s different about me: unlike many online marketers who are affiliates to every program under the sun, and who don’t even try out what they’re selling, I don’t promote anyone whose work I haven’t experienced or who I don’t respect. I do the sifting, the research, the experiencing of the work they do, and I don’t mind getting a little reward for that. And why would you mind if I did, anyway? Is that really your concern? No, not really.

Let’s look at that. If you object to someone making money, it’s time to tap on why you feel uncomfortable with making money, or being asked for money. It’s your issue, not the promoter’s.

I remember when I was desperately broke, I felt really angry that people were “always sucking on me for money.” But the real truth of it was that they weren’t! It was MY fear, because my belief was that I had very little money, and how dare they want to take any of it?!? I was in survival mode, and very defensive about it.

So if you feel anger at people promoting to you, or using affiliate links, take a good look at your own beliefs and do what it takes to clear them. Because they’re hurting you. Using up your energy. You’ll know you’re clear when you can look at an ad or a link you know leads to a promotion and simply say, “yes” or “no thanks” without feeling a big charge on it!

As for bit.ly links, I use them because:
1. I like to shorten links so they don’t get cut off. Like the link I embedded into the black and white mask above would ordinarily be:

With a shortened link, it is now: http://bit.ly/LyonArt. Much more accessible, and if it were in an email, would not get cut off. And…

2. …because bit.ly links make it possible for me to track clicks on each link. If you’ve been around online marketing any time at all, you’ll know you are constantly told to track your stats.

OK, so here’s why I use them: if I use a link and no one clicks on it, I won’t continue telling you about whatever it was about! So ultimately, YOU get to choose what I tell you about through your clicks! Is there a problem with that? How would it be if I kept hammering you with stuff you could care less about? Not nice.

And, not every bit.ly link I use is an affiliate link. If that even mattered. Which it doesn’t!

So. I hope that answers that for you. What do you think?


Why Do I Use Affiliate & Bit.ly Links? — 3 Comments

  1. I wish everyone used short links in their emails. You can’t imagine how dreadful it sounds when you have to listen to a long link using a screenreader. In case others don’t know, that’s what blind people have to do.

  2. Wow – I had never even thought of that! Great feedback, thanks! In case people wonder where to shorten links, you can go to any of these: sniprul.com, tinyurl.com, bit.ly (just .ly, no .com).

    aloha –