How Can Your Archetypes Help You Get Unstuck?

Yesterday I worked with “Anne,” a transformational energy coach who uses EFT and other tools for shifting consciousness.

(Perk your ears up – you’ll relate to this if you’re a coach of some sort.)

In a soft, weak little voice, Anne told me that she felt helpless, unfocused, tired all the time, and always angry at herself for not doing enough…but didn’t know what to do or how to resolve that. She said, “I feel inauthentic, wimpy and powerless.”

I’ve mentioned using Archetypes before to you – here’s how I used hers to help her.

(Curious about using Archetypes to help with your money and marketing? Go here: arche-money-marketing-I and arche-money-marketing-II)

Anne’s main Archetype is “Alchemist,” the visionary, catalyst, healer, transformer. The one who helps people make their dreams come true. I used that to help her see her way out, because she had misplaced her connection to her own Beingness.

An alchemist is all about possibility. As a coach, you’re a transformer – can you feel that? Can you see how you evoke change in people, just by the way you speak and act?

But Anne had forgotten to do that for herself! Consequently she ended up feeling constricted, discouraged and disconnected, because she wasn’t living her inner truth.

I asked her this: “If you were really all about possibility, openings, magic, and making a powerful difference in surprising or even mysterious ways, what would that be like for you?”

She contemplated for a minute, and when she replied, all of a sudden, she was      a completely different person.  Her voice was strong and resonant, and she belted out the things she’d be doing, saying and feeling.

Complete shift from one moment to the next! All from one question.

How did I know what to ask her?

Because I knew what her 3 main Archetypes were. And I saw that what she was struggling with was related to her top main Archetype.

There’s a lot more to knowing what your Archetypes are (there are three main categories that relate to who you are, your influencers, and your money).

Now, one of the things Anne had been experiencing was feeling ungrounded, unable to focus. She didn’t know that that was part of being an Alchemist – those are a couple of the challenges an Alchemist faces.

You could say, well, everybody does! No, not true. One of my own Archetypes is Explorer, whose challenges can show up as feeling isolated and dissastisfied, itchy to move on. Very different.

So by understanding the nature of her inherent Archetypal challenges, Anne was able to decide on a couple of inner-strength strategies to employ when she recognized herself going into fog-head or frittering away her time.

Knowing your Archetypes can help you get unstuck FAST, deal with natural challenges, support the weaker parts of your system…and here’s the cracker-jack cool one…help you plug the leaks in your money boat!

One more example: Anne’s Money Archetype was Teacher. Which made a lot of sense – she loves to teach and is really great at it. But one of the challenges for the Teacher Archetype is over-analysis. So in each attempt at creating teleclasses or products, she thought them to death and ended up never creating a single one! How could she make any money if she had nothing tangible to offer?

Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? The more I get into these energtic clues, the more amazed I am by how fast things shift, and how easy it can be when the underlying energetics are discovered and acted upon.

Here’s the most cool thing for your business, though:
imagine knowing the exact words for YOUR particular energetics so impeccably, so clearly, that when Your People hear you speak, see your website, sales pages, copy, videos and teleclasses, they immediately KNOW you are The One they’ve been looking for!

Imagine knowing the way your archetype needs to flow in the world so money comes to you smoothly! Mine is the Jester – can you imagine what my money leaks are? One of them is not speaking out! Would you have thought of that? I didn’t!

Wonder what yours are….

Archetypes Intensive Teleseminar coming soon…

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