Money & Marketing with Archetypes

People have been asking me why knowing what their Archetypes are is important, and what knowing the inside info on them can do for them…especially in terms of money and marketing.

Imagine you are a coach who helps abused women. Your marketing is going to have a very different tone than someone who markets to young boys who love dirt-bikes! It’s going to include very different colors, words, phrases, images and symbols.

I market to dynamic business women, mostly transformational coaches. You might market to women who want a love relationship. Can you imagine how utterly different the words, images and symbols either of us uses are going to be? I’ll be using words like powerful, success, money, marketing, women entrepreneurs, while you might be using words like romance, sex, lover, intimacy.

OK, now let’s go a little deeper. What if you, too, are a business coach, and your main archetype (there are three main influencers) is Romantic?

How would you use the words and images that are aligned with your archetype? It might seem that you couldn’t, but you can – I know for a fact that someone whose main archetype is Romantic is a very successful business coach!

My own main Marketing Archetype is Alchemist. Transformation is the name of my game. Can you see how that fits for me in coaching transformational Coaches and Thought Leaders? And underneath the sheets, my Money Archetype is…Jester!

How on earth do I use that, when I want to make sure people take what I say seriously?

I won’t go into it here – my intention was to give you just a hint of what archetypes can mean for you. Let it sit a bit and see if you can come up with how the Jester can help a business coach market to coaches and thought leaders.

Think about this: if your soul-aligned marketing could bring you one more client a week, what would that do to your bottom line? Even that small a number can powerfully change your business success. Now imagine that you have a waiting list that goes out around the block – how would that feel?

Archetypes Intensive Teleseminar coming soon!

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