What Are Archetypes and Why Would They Affect Your Marketing and Your Money?

Maybe you didn’t know this, but there are 12 powerful, invisible, energetic forces called Archetypes that have been associated with you since birth!

Each one of us has these dynamic energies swirling around us and interwoven into each thread of our lives.

You can either ignore the realm of the Archetype and go about life as usual, wondering why sometimes inexplicable stuff happens to you…

Or you can do some exploring and find out what yours are and how they have been tinting your entire life from the very get-go.

When you do find out what yours are, you can finally do something about the things you thought were fixed, forever immutable.

So in a few days, I’m going to let you know how you, too, can at last discover how to use your personal Archetypes to:

•  Amp up your marketing in the most amazing ways
(For example: How would you like to know what to say to draw in your right-for-you people … and what NOT to say that repels them?!?)

•  Find and finally clear up a lot of the money mistakes you may not even know you’re making….
… and way, way more.

When I found out what my specific Archetypes’ words, images and colors were, I was blown away by how I’d been missing key elements in my marketing that could have been so easy to integrate. You can bet I’m doing it now!

And just one 4-word phrase from my personal Money Archetype Card allowed me to have a breakthrough I’d been searching for my entire life!

I’ll let you in on it soon –


What Are Archetypes and Why Would They Affect Your Marketing and Your Money? — 2 Comments

  1. Great post about branding with archetypes Angela! I’m looking forward to learning what your money archetype breakthrough is all about! :)

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Thx for your note – will be presenting it soon! Nice site, BTW –
    aloha –