The secrets every last one of the characters carries are all starting to dribble out, with horrifying consequences. Everyone’s true nature is being revealed. I’ve been watching a fairly new show on Amazon called POWER. You have to know that … Continue reading

Do You Speak UP?

“How Do You Speak Up Fearlessly?” I’ve been speaking up a lot on Facebook about the recent situation in Indiana where war has pretty much been declared on gay people. They are trying to instigate a new law there saying … Continue reading

What’s Next After the Pain?

I have a question for you: once you have tapped through your downward spiraling, painful beliefs about yourself, what will you do next? Have you thought about that? When I first started tapping, my thoughts and my emotions were so … Continue reading

What’s the Real Bottom Line? Is It Money?

Recently I was invited to take a position as a top expert on a very well-known website for people interested in self-growth. I felt pleased and honored, and am considering the position. It would mean more possible income and exposure. … Continue reading

Interviewed Today by Malinda Zarate at EmboldenedHeart.com!

I was so pleased to have been interviewed today by Malinda Zarate of EmboldenedHeart.com. She invites guests every month who she feels contributes to the invisible, energetic growth of our planet – what an honor to have been invited! We … Continue reading

How Do You Feel When It’s Time to Ask for Your Fees?

When it’s time to ask your potential client or your customer for the money, what happens to you? How do you feel? •   Squeamish? •   Guilty? •   Ashamed? •   Like your services ‘should’ be free? •   Does a little voice … Continue reading

Money Tapping Group, Part III!

THE MONEY TAPPING GROUP Part III: Uncover and Clear Out the Limiting Vows in your Heart Chakra…so you can have more freedom, fun and prosperity, and delight in sending out more just-plain-flat-out beautiful Heart Radiance! Maybe you can you relate … Continue reading

Shifting Gears into New Levels of Success and Fun

What a week! Once you make a commitment to change your life, watch out! Because change it will! Whew! When I decided to focus on doing and marketing my art more, things suddenly changed from feeling like a little trickling … Continue reading


I made a comment on a post on facebook the other day to which someone took HUGE exception. She replied calling me names, making accusations, etc. What I know about accusation is this: it tells me more about what a … Continue reading

Have You Been Asked, “Why Are You Not Playing A Bigger Game?” Maybe You Don’t Really Want to!

Ponder this: How many times have you seen an email or video or website that tells you you ‘need to play bigger,’ or have a bigger business? I’ve said it myself. But it’s getting old. What if I don’t want … Continue reading

Dr. Eric Pearl: The Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl, a practicing chiropractor, was awakened one night by the lamp on his bedside table going on all by itself. This led to him later discovering how to heal with energy w/o even touching anyone. He now teaches … Continue reading

Am I Jumping the EFT Ship?

Yesterday I posted an article to my list about my radio show with Lisa Nichols; joining with me to save the bees, and my teleclass last week. There were a bunch of unsubscribes – a few that really surprised me, … Continue reading

Lisa Nichols: Moving Out & Up: from South LA to South Africa

Lisa Nichols, of The Secret & Chicken Soup for the Soul You no doubt have heard of the movie, The Secret. Probably old hat by now, right? Well, lucky for me – and you – the people IN The Secret – … Continue reading

Are You Immersed in the Strategy of Tragedy?

I listened to a pretty compelling presentation given by a guy on consciousness last week. One of the things he mentioned that I really appreciated was the idea that most people operate from a Strategy of Tragedy. Evidence of that … Continue reading

James Malinchak Shares His Millionaire Heart in a Big Way

Today I got caught. I was doing a quick delete-the-crap from my inbox and, out of curiosity, opened  one from millionaire marketing expert, James Malinchak. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but ABC tv got a bunch of … Continue reading

Want to Get A Head-Start on 2011? Here’s How!

Here in Hawaii, we say: Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Which, in Hawaiian, means Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…and I hope you have enjoyed your holiday time so far! And now…we can start envisioning how our Makahiki Hou … Continue reading

The Miracle of Ten Good Things

Last week as I was working with a client who has gone through more challenge than anyone I have ever met, we were clearing the energy from an incident he was particularly stuck on. I asked him to list ten … Continue reading

What Do Aliens Have to Do with Blessings and Nuclear Change?

One day back in 1966 when I lived in Santa Cruz, California, I saw a newspaper heading that said, “Aliens to Get Green Cards.” You know how I think when I tell you that I was shocked, because I thought, … Continue reading