Want to Get A Head-Start on 2011? Here’s How!

cant-hide-itHere in Hawaii, we say: Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

Which, in Hawaiian, means Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…and I hope you have enjoyed your holiday time so far!

And now…we can start envisioning how our Makahiki Hou will be (Makahiki: year; Hou: new, fresh)!

So in order to do that, here are a couple of simple questions I invite you to chew on and cogitate about:

If you and I were to meet up with each other for a delightful afternoon

cuppa tea (or something) in about 6 or 7 months, what would we be celebrating about your life and/or your business?

What wonderful news would you be really excited to be able to share with me?

Just let those questions sink in and allow yourself to wander down your mind the next few months to our meeting.

HINT: If your ‘No’ Voice starts to come forward and get in the way, tell it thank you for sharing. It’s just trying to keep you safe from going into new places where you might get hurt – maybe like you might have been in the past. That’s all. Don’t fight it – it’s trying to serve you, so just let it know you’re grateful it’s watching out for you.

Then ask it to step aside for just a few minutes so you can watch your inner movie. Reassure it and tell it that  if you need help you’ll ask for it. Let it slide aside, and each time it wants to come forth, do the same thing again.

Now just take a deep, relaxing breath, and begin to allow yourself to really get into our tea-time together, and see/hear/fee/know what’s there for you. Let it play inside your mind like an internal movie.


You and I are sitting at a nice little garden café on a pretty little side street. Trees overshadow the tables with dappled patterns of light, and perky blue and white flowers fill red wooden boxes on the sides of the brick-floored patio.

We have a small, round table in the shade that’s just the perfect size to hold our tea and cookies or fruit and the papers we’ve brought. It’s in the shade, out of the heat, and has one of those old-kind red and white checked tablecloths on it.

Feel the funny little spindly chair underneath you as you bend over to put a wad of paper napkin under the wobbly table leg…we’re laughing and saying, “it’s just like this everywhere! What is it with cafe tables?!?”

We can smell the spicy and exotic aromas of our tea and the scents of the flowers in the garden; there’s a comforting kind of soft buzz in the air – there are folks at the other tables around us who are talking and laughing and having a good time, too.

You get out your cell phone or Flip camera and shoot some funny pix of us….we’re laughing and relaxed, happy to be able to meet.

We don’t get together in person that often, so we’ve both made a list of the things we want to share with each other. Look down now and see what’s on your list.

If ‘seeing’ isn’t one of your strong suits, just close your eyes and allow thoughts to float up in your mind.

What’s there on your list?

What have you done in the last few months that you never did before?
Did you get the results your thought you wanted?
If not, what did you find out from it?
If it was, what did you do next?

What else did you do that you’re happy to share with me?

Tell me who you hung out or worked with, and all about how that came about and how it’s ended up so far.

What do your bank account balances look like now?
How is that different from the beginning of the year?
How do you feel about that?
What could you change to improve whatever it looks like?

What one thing allowed you to sprint forward in your business?

What was a surprise?

Who did you delegate what tasks to so you could free up your time?

What did you do to expand your genius?
Did you allow yourself more time to meditate, cogitate and dream?

If you are in business, who are you helping?

How have you expanded or decreased your efforts?
How do you feel about that?
What would you improve?

How is your relationship with each of your friends, family, associates and clients?

Keep relaxed and soft within yourself. Keep breathing quietly.
Keep feeling the sweetness of the money, or the exictedness, or – however it is for you.

Allow it sink in, and relish it. If there are parts of it not to your liking, change them! Erase them and allow something better, bigger, sweeter, richer, more fulfilling to take the place of what was there.

When you feel complete….and this is CRUCIAL:

1. Take the time right now to WRITE DOWN every little detail you got from being there with me. Make little side notes about things you discovered – what to avoid next time, what you did that was just right. Pat yourself on the back!

2. Next, write out three nano-steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start making all that wonderful, exciting stuff happen in the next few months!

3. TAKE the nano-steps now. Right now. (OK, OK, read the rest of this note! THEN take them! But make sure you start now – because that way you get a head start on 2011 – woohoo!)


A nano-step is a step that is so small and so very inconsequential-seeming that it looks like an everyday, ho-hum-I-could-do-this-in-my-sleep-nothing-to-it kind of step.

Your No Voice looks at it and says to itself, “oh, that’s so little, that can’t get her into trouble.” And relieved, it slides back into its guard booth for a little nap. Ha! You’re clear to head out to your Dream!

(Especially if you tap while you’re contemplating! Don’t know about tapping? Go here: EFTinEveryHome.com)

Here are examples of nano-steps:
You can pick up a book that’s been in the way and put it in its place on the shelf.
You can make a shorty phone call.
Cross something off a list.
Make another list.
Take a nap.
Decide to work with a coach.
Go for a little 5-minute stroll.
Google what it would take to become a coach.
Watch a youtube video.
Make a facebook entry.

Those are nano-steps. Don’t they look almost silly or stupid? They’re not.

The difference between a nano-step and regular, routine daily stuff is that >>> your vision stands strong and solid behind each nano-step. <<<

You know in your heart-of-hearts that each nano-step you take is moving you along on a powerful path towards that afternoon you and I meet for tea.

And although each one is only a tiny step, it is yet a critical element in the whole picture of the success you are intentionally creating.

Nano-steps taken one after the other, create an environment where big steps are possible.

Big steps add up to quantum leaps.

Quantum leaps result in your being able to look back and say, “hey! I DID that!”

Which culminate with you feeling happy and proud and grateful and humble.

That’s how to create success. WhaEVer success means to YOU, personally. Do it again! And again and again, each time you want more.

And today I’m sending you love, support, inspiration and huge good wishes for a successful, happy and fulfilling new year in 2011.

I look forward to our afternoon tea in July or August! Where shall we meet?


© Angela Treat Lyon 2010. Do share this; please include entire, unaltered article with all © info – thanks! I love you!


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  1. Thank you Angela, for yet another unusually inspiring message – as usual! ;)

    Let’s meet in…. Italy? But we’d have to drink coffee, for once, rather than tea… Who cares, we’ll tap on it! :)

    I will tell you how my business has doubled – AGAIN, but in a shorter time!! And it will be thanks to your insightful, always renewed, coaching!!

    A Happy-beyond-measure New-fresh-and-shiny 2011 to you!!

    Love from France,

    : ) Maria