Do Yourself A Big Favor As You Start the Year Out

calendarAt this time of year you’re going to see a bazillion people trying to get your attention to sell you their stories, programs, packages – everythings.

From how to handle your time and calendar, to how to make or not make resolutions, get back on track, make a million online, lose the fat you gained over the holidays, buy a new computer, stop drinking, start marketing, write a book – you name it, you’re going to see it – and more.

So what I want to suggest to you is this:

  1. receive them with open arms
  2. keep your mind alert
  3. keep your heart aware as you go
  4. give yourself more time to say yes to any of it than you ever have before.

Read their materials, let them sink in, and sleep on your tentative decision. Here are a few important questions you can ask yourself:

Ask yourself:

  • what is it I truly need (what problem do I need solved, what goal do I want to achieve)?
  • will their materials and or services really fill my needs?
  • do they really help me solve my problem or reach my goals?
  • are the possible results I’ll get worth the price I’ll be paying?
  • do I like the person and how s/he is with others (you can tell from their videos, audios and writing!)
  • do I trust they will deliver?
  • do I (and others) respect them?
  • am I really taking care of me or am I deluding myself?

After you have assessed the ones that are attractive to you, choose ONE.

Choose one only, and go ALL the way with whatever you got. And give it your all.

Please do yourself the favor of not buying this and this and this and that and then not doing any of them! You waste your time, your money, your self-respect and your dreams doing that.

When you choose one and go all the way and complete, and then choose another and go all the way and complete, and so on, you honor yourself, your system, your dreams, and the person whose work you bought.

Plus, you avoid possible conflicting information, advice and techniques.

I may say go with WordPress, while someone else might say use something else. One might say tap on this point, and another don’t tap at all. Now you’re confused and don’t go any further, because your inner conversation has turned from ‘yipee let’s go’ to ‘who’s right? I don’t know what to do next now.’

  • Give whoever you choose your undivided attention.
  • Do the exercises or programs with full intent.
  • Decide whether or not to continue with that one person only after you’ve completed the work.

(You might have a great mastermind with Ms X and a terrific marketing course with Mr Y, and it would be just fine to overlap. Be discerning and real about what kind of time you can spend with each one so you don’t end up in overwhelm.)

That way, you win all the way.

That’s what I want for you – to win all the way in your life. To allow your inner Genius to come out and play and be expanded and enrich your life as you go through any of the programs you buy or get as a freebie.

So I invite you to really check in with yourself and to discern who you LIKE, RESPECT and TRUST to show you a path you can take to a higher level of ease, inspiration, prosperity, wealth and freedom.

If you don’t like, respect or trust someone, why would you work with them??

Stuff can look really fine when the glare of bright shiny lights is in your eyes the first time you meet them – online or off. Don’t let it blind you! Wait a bit, reassess, and only then make a yes or no decision.

I almost signed up with a guy last year whose work I liked – at first. But as I went through some of his deeper materials, I began to feel like he was putting people down, using strong, abrasive language, and even not checking to see that his materials were well-created and delivered. So I cancelled him.

I want you to make a pact with yourself: decide now to give yourself at least 24 hours before you spend over 200 bucks with anyone. Including me.

Read the materials, let them sink in, and sleep on your decision.

If the next day their stuff seems as good as (or even better than!) it did yesterday, and you really believe you’ll get what’s been promised for a good rate that you can actually pay (even if you have to put it on your card), then you’ll feel really good about your yes.

This is the best way I know of to avoid buyer’s remorse and stupid refund negotiations.

Yes, I think it’s OK to agree to future payments IF you think your return will gain you so much that you’ll be able to make your regular payments, even if it’s a year from purchase. I’ve paid thousands of dollars I didn’t have at the time for huge benefits, and don’t regret one cent of it.

My point is, if you take sober, intelligent, inspired action rather than ungrounded choosing this that and the other program…and end up not liking any of them…you can get a real, solid start on continuing to build your life and your business stronger, faster and better.

I wish you the very BEST new year in 2011, and in the kind-time, lots of continuing heart-filled love and good cheer as the last few days of 2010 complete.


© Angela Treat Lyon 2010. Do share this; please include entire, unaltered article with all © info – thanks! I love you!


Do Yourself A Big Favor As You Start the Year Out — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Angela,

    I can not subscribe to the pact the way you suggest it… I’ll think for 24h for anyone – but not YOU!! :)

    If you offer me a program at 25,000$, I may need 24h to come up with the bucks – but not to make up my mind!!

    Wishing you a Very HappyRichMunchyJuicyLoving New Year!!

    Love from France,

    : ) Mimi