Happy My-Birthday!

happy birthday to me!I awoke this morning to my neighbor knocking on my door, bringing me home-made chocolate chip cookies and birthday cards from herself and my landlady – how much better than that can you get?

Chocolate chip cookies for brekkie! Yehoo!

And then…imagine my jaw dropping down to basement level as I see my inbox with literally hundreds of emails and facebook birthday wishes – I’m completely overwhelmed! Add tears streaming down my face in gratitude to the image – wow.

If you had told me a mere ten years ago that this would happen, or even that there was a possibility of it occurring I have laughed out loud. At that point I wasn’t a happy gal, and the idea of so many people taking the time to wish me blessings on my birthday would have been far beyond my wildest imaginings.

But today is a very, VERY far cry from then, and I’m practically bursting with gratitude that so much has so radically changed, and that you are in my life. I thank you for loving me, taking the time to sit down and write your greetings and send cards – it’s just beautiful. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! AND…


My lovely Sunday Round Table Prosperity Group (one of my exclusive 4-member-only Prosperity Groups) gave me permission to let you listen in on this – I’m more grateful than I can ever say…. http://sophro71.com/BirthdaySpecial/RoundTableProsperityGroup.mp3

And they also created an incredible screenasver out of some of my paintings – I’ll share it with you when it’s completely ready! I feel so appreciated and loved!

So…because I like to be generous – especially on my birthday – I’ve created some goodies for you.

Now let’s be clear – I don’t like it when people use their birthdays and holidays to sell like hypesters.

I DO like it when they use their birthdays to be really generous. So, I created 3 really huge generouses for you – two for-fee, and 18 FREEbies.



This is the success-creating package I wish I’d had when I first got into business as an EFT/energy practitioner.

There are more tips, tactics, strategies and inspiration in this huge package of more than 18 audios, 21 ebooks and multiple resources than you’ll believe. I suggest you spread them out over a few months’ time to digest them slowly and deeply. No hurry.

I was originally going to make it available for $79 (it usually goes for 375) through today until Friday.

But on a whim, I decided to make it 59. How’s that for a birthday gift for you – a savings of $316!

I created it for energy, health or EFT practitioners, but even if you’re in another business, the tips you get are powerful for any business.

Here’s where to get it until Friday at midnight NY time for only 59 bucks. Not bad, eh? http://EFTBizSuccess.com/120710.html (Use paypal or credit card)


This is such a great beginning for your new year: the PIGEES Financial Freedom System.

This system is the one I used to support myself in going from down, dirty, broke, busted and badly bent with a total of $7.03 to my name to being in the black in three months.

Get the mindset and use the actual system to increase your opening to new opportunities and possibilities – there’s no stopping you!

You get:
•  The PIGEES Financial Freedom System
•  PLUS four mindset-supporting 79-dollar audios to help you create a better financial experience.

That whole package would ordinarily add up to more than 350 bucks, but if you’re quick, you can get it all now until Friday for just 79.95. How cool is that?!?

Here: http://PIGEES.com/07-special/120710-goodies.html (Use paypal or credit card)



Here are EIGHTEEN FREEbie ebooks AND a poster you can download, print and enjoy at your leisure. I suggest that you print out and use the Personal Peace Procedure first.



I appreciate you more than you can know, and every single day and all night long I hold the vision for you to create, live and expand your perfect-for-you success, living your Dreams and Passions, and turning to help others do so, too.

Remember I love you –
aloha –

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