What’s Next After the Pain?

OfferingsI have a question for you: once you have tapped through your downward spiraling, painful beliefs about yourself, what will you do next?

Have you thought about that?

When I first started tapping, my thoughts and my emotions were so tangled up, and my experience of life was so painful, that if you had asked me that question

I’d have laughed and exclaimed, “there’s actually something beyond this? Are you kidding? There’s something else?”

I didn’t see how absurd that was – if I didn’t believe there was something better, why would I bother to try and tap? Ah well.

But 6 weeks later, after tapping every day, my 35-year depression was gone, my suicidal thoughts were gone, and rays of light were bursting through into my head where there had been not much more than sheer will to get by and try my best and what seemed to be huge, overwhelming darkness.

Many of the you here on my newsletter list have been swinging along with me almost ten years – you must have been able to clear a ton of rocks from your pain pile by now!

What are you doing with your freedom, now that there is light coming through and into what used to be your dark inner room of fear and self-doubt?


You know, even if you have NOT gotten completely clear of a hunk of pain, it’s still time to get down and dirty and hunker into your deepest dreams.

We need you.

The whole planet does. Because you have something of value that not one single other person out there has.

And we need you to share that with us.

Maybe it’s the way you use EFT.
Maybe it’s the way you write with tongue-in-cheek, black hysterical humor that gives us a new perspective on life.

Maybe it’s the way you absolutely adore your kids.
Maybe it’s how you cheer us up on FB.
Or maybe it’s how you talk about politics and help us make more sense of it.
Maybe it’s simply the way you make cheese.

Whatever it is, I want you to expand on it NOW.

Quit focusing on what’s wrong with you or your life, and focus on what’s lovely, loving, generous, fun and bright.

And write about it, sing about it, play your guitar or kazzoo about it, stand up on a podium and speak about it, send in articles to magazines, newspapers and blog- sites and facebook, tickle your kids with it, have an exotic night with your lover about it…be it, feel it, share it!


Because life is NOT about feeling miserable, broke, hungry, depressed or afraid! And that’s what all this tapping is focusing on!

EVERY TIME YOU TAP, I want you to do this:
for every single thing you tap about,
choose the opposite to tap yourself into.

For example:
If you say to yourself, I feel terrible because I don’t have any money, first you tap on how you feel: I feel angry, hurt, sad, afraid, helpless…

Then you ask yourself what is really true? Even if you only have a penny, you can’t say you don’t have any money! You’d be lying! So here’s what you tap and say: “I have money, and I can have more!”
And you tap until that feels great to you.

1. Ask yourself; “what’s going on?”
2. How do you feel about it?
3. Ask your heart, “If you and I could be/have and do anything at all, what would it be?
4. How will you feel when you have that reality?
6. When you feel calm and more expanded, ask yourself now: “What are 3 mini-things I can do right NOW to help that happen?”

(Mini means really, really small! Like, take a nap, make a phone call, pet your dog for a minute, hang with your kid, feel your heart, clear your schedule for today….MINI.

7. Now go DO those things. One at a time.
8. Ask again, and DO again…and stay connected to your heart and its honest, simple desires.


That’s why I’m focusing on helping people write Kindle book! It’s time they got out of their little shells and started sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise with the rest of us.

What will YOU do once you get yourself out from under the pain-pile?

DO it now! OK? Don’t even wait for the pain to go away.

Because the rest of us need you and your perspective,your humor, your intelligence, your love!

Think of it like this:
You’re driving from Houston to NY. Are you going to
1. Drive at 2 miles an hour, stopping and examining and focusing on each pain-pothole along the way so your road will be clear and you can move on…
2. Focusing on having fun driving to NY, watching the signs, taking the right turnoffs, slowing down and going around potholes, filling them in as you go, and moving on again?

I hope you said #2!

Remember I love you!!!

aloha –

p.s. Don’t know about EFT?

Go here: EFTBooks.com and EFTinEveryHome.com


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