New Author Rocks with Her Little Bitty Kindle Books!

Gayla Chepourcoff, the Kindle Course author
I told you about a couple of weeks ago, whose first book was Recipes from Always Enough Ranch: How To Make Simple Soft Cheese, has done it again!

She not only has written and published her second book, but has already moved close to 300 of them!

I think you’ll like the little story: It’s Not Your Pig!


I felt a difference when I woke up on the day after the tele-class. My feelings of overwhelm had disappeared, and I can only attribute this to borrowing benefits, even though I was not physically part of the class when you did the tapping! Thanks so much, this course has changed so much for me!
~ Coral Bell
This is so inspiring and bringing a new perspective…. You do so much more than just help with book writing – you bring in so many other things that are helpful, like “How to make promoting as much fun as writing”. These things are so important to other areas of our business life and bring a breath of, well, fun to it! I totally appreciate what you are doing for us, as in doing them for us, you do them for you. The circle of community, gotta love it! :^)
~ Theresa Garces Johnson
All I can say is “Wow, your coaching has been great. You cover so many tidbits that are worth their weight in gold, not to mention all the meat and potatoes info you’ve compiled, thanks.”
~ Lena Think-Tank Banks

All Soon-to-be-New Authors because of my Create Passive Income with Your Little Kindle Books Course!


New Author Rocks with Her Little Bitty Kindle Books! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Angela, not only for the great attagirl, but for the wonderful class that let me step into my power as an author. I have moved 325 It’s Not Your Pig! books in the first week and am tickled pink. (Piggy pink? LOL) I am working on book Number 3, which will be Volume 2 of the cheese-making series. This one will have a link st the back so readers can click to go to a totally awesomely unreal cheesecake recipe using the flavored cheese they just made. How does Lemon, Ginger and Honey Cheesecake sound to you? That is what friends helped me polish off last night and tonight! There was not a crumb left and no one had anything to say other than YUM! It’s so light and creamy!
    You have really helped me make huge steps towards financial independance with these little Kindle books! (((HUGS)))

  2. Awesome, Gayla! I’m so proud of you and your hard work and determination and delightful books!