I Need Your Input!

Times are changing. Your needs are changing. And I want to keep up to date. So, if you would write me a quick comment on this page with very brief phrases about what you’d like help with from me, I’d … Continue reading

Have You Cleared and Reset Your Money Set Points?

You’ve probably heard a lot of coaches talk about your money set points. Your money set points are those amounts that: •  you never seem to earn more than •  you always get down to a certain level before money … Continue reading

Have You Been Asked, “Why Are You Not Playing A Bigger Game?” Maybe You Don’t Really Want to!

Ponder this: How many times have you seen an email or video or website that tells you you ‘need to play bigger,’ or have a bigger business? I’ve said it myself. But it’s getting old. What if I don’t want … Continue reading

Artists! Do You Know How to Tap Your Way to Showing and Selling More of Your Art?

As you might know, I am re-journeying into my art world after a 10-year hiatus. It’s taken some pretty massive tapping, because I’m bumping into all the old beliefs and ideas that limited me before. The HUGE difference being that … Continue reading

Rachael Jayne Groover: Are You Standing Out, Fearless & Feminine?

If standing out has been a big problem for you… I know you’ve seen how more and more information is being loaded into everyone’s inbox every day. So it’s challenging to get your unique message heard…especially if you don’t understand … Continue reading

You Have Some Nerve!

I got a note yesterday from a woman who was enraged about…and refused to come to…my Raise Your Fees Fearlessly teleclass. How could I “possibly tell people to raise their fees when so many people are having so much trouble … Continue reading

Your Feedback Means So Much to Me!

Thanks so much, those of you who took the time to send in the postcard feedback I sent you about the FREE No Calling Fears Teleclass – I so appreciate it. It was a new idea for me, to send … Continue reading

I’m for Simple.

In internet marketing, we see conformity all the time – one guy comes up with a “formula that works,” and all of a sudden, everyone and his left brother has similarsqueeze pages, opt-in boxes, videos, fancy freebie-giveaways, and so on. … Continue reading

How Three Strange Dreams Led Me to Think of Marketing

Last week, I had three dreams three nights in a row. I wouldn’t ordinarily share them, but they were so powerful and so relevant to the times I thought maybe you’d appreciate hearing about just one of them. A backyard … Continue reading

The Miracle of Ten Good Things

Last week as I was working with a client who has gone through more challenge than anyone I have ever met, we were clearing the energy from an incident he was particularly stuck on. I asked him to list ten … Continue reading

I Want YOU in MY Book!

How many times have people asked you to be a part of their books? I betcha not many. Authors tend to want to hog all the space – and rightly so – we have a lot to say and don’t … Continue reading

Do You Like to Be Among the First to Know New Online Marketing How-to’s?

If you love to get the newest internet marketing info: you’ll like this one if you’re looking for a profitable model to base your online marketing on. To the left is a sneak peek at the map he’s created. It’s … Continue reading

Do You Ever Say, “I Hate Selling and Marketing”? What if You Could Say, “I LOVE Selling My Work!”

This is for you entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, energy and health practitioners, artists, authors and bloggers etc., who say, “I hate selling” or “I hate marketing!” WHY? BECAUSE I’m creating a new, 2015 series of teleclasses for you who hate, dread, … Continue reading