Artists: Fear of Rejection Ruining Your Sales?


Hint: It’s who you know – in a surprising but everyday way….

Last week I worked with a women who is a really fine watercolor painter. She told me she was in big, bad financial trouble. She kept on saying, “If I could only make more sales!”

But then she’d cry and shake her head and complain that it’s a bad economy, she didn’t know where to turn, she didn’t know who could help her or what to do….

I asked her if she would be comfortable teaching others how to use watercolors, too. “Oh, yes,” she said. “But there’s nowhere here to teach….”

I asked her if there was:
…an arts supply store in her town or in the nearby area. Yes.

…a bank, restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop. Yes to all.

…a high school or community college, or university nearby. Yes, a high school and community college.

But she was freaked out that they would reject her, that her work wasn’t good enough (she does really nice work), that she “couldn’t teach at the college because she had no credentials.”

And she ended up sobbing, saying that she would end up homeless and all alone. She took her problem all the way to being dirty, alone, afraid and completely destitute!

We worked through her fears (of course using my old pal, EFT) and discovered an underlying pattern of rejection stemming all the way from a childhood friend rejecting her in a really big, really nasty way. She’d kept part of herself closed down and private ever since – and no wonder!

It was her Big Secret, and it affected every aspect of her life.

HERE’S WHAT’S IMPORTANT: I could show her….

ways to get sales and exposure all day long, steps she could take, people to meet and work with…but as long as she had a fear of rejection, she wasn’t going to take any of the steps anyone suggested.

As I worked with her, she got new perspectives that shed new light on her past decisions. We tapped on and unkinked her old beliefs and energy patterns. After only 45 minutes, I could hear her jumping around, saying she felt like she could take on the world! Love it.

After she went down to the supply shop, she called me, her voice glowing with excitement about a new schedule of painting classes for the next three months starting that weekend.

She checked out the bank: “Sorry – we don’t exhibit artists’ work because if we allowed one, we’d have to allow them all, and (wink) we all know some art isn’t ‘appropriate’ for bank customers.” Pretty lame excuse, but she just snapped her fingers and said, “next!” The rejection didn’t even touch her.

The high-end Italian restaurant manager loved her work and wanted to put up 5 paintings immediately. She had four ready and framed, and was willing to frame more.

They agreed on 50% (the usual gallery cut) if they sold the piece, 25% if she sold one while she was in there eating with a client and he or she bought right then. (They also agreed that when a piece was sold, it could go out the door right then and be replaced by another in her collection. Some restaurants want all pieces to stay for the duration of the length of the exhibition.)

The coffee shop wanted as amny of her smaller, unframed prints that she made of her paintings, and agree to take only 25% – an unheard-of commission. And asked for matching greeting cards. She didn’t have any, but promised to make some.

From rejection-fear to ecstasy. Even in these ‘hard economic times.’ Thanks, EFT!

If you’re new to tapping, go here: and get the Basics how-to, or for inexpensive, intensified tapping sessions on specific challenges like Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Prosperity Mindset, Keep on Track, Deal with Doubt, Anger & Frustration and more.

And remember, it’s who you know. There are people around you in your everyday settings who can help you – even if you don’t think they can. Consider what it is of value that you could offer to people, and then…ask!

IF YOU’RE A COACH, and you want more clients, try this little experiment: walk into shops in your town and strike up conversations with store owners during quiet times. Be friendly and casual.

Find out what their biggest challenges in business are.

Tell them you have a program that will help them get around that easily, and invite them for a free 20-minute strategy-determining session.

In your 20-minute session, find out what success means to them and have them paint a clear, glowing picture of that.

Then get them to see what their doubts and fears are doing to their bottom line, and invite them to do one inexpensive tapping session with you. Do NOT try to sell them on EFT – you’ll lost them! Invite them to get through their fears instead.

If you do it right, they’ll hire you – even on a long-term basis to help them walk through the success they start to create. I have a client-attraction system I use, which I’d be happy to share with you in one of the remaining 99 for 99 sessions I’m doing. Let me know if you want one.

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