I Need Your Input!

Times are changing. Your needs are changing. And I want to keep up to date.

So, if you would write me a quick comment on this page with very brief phrases about what you’d like help with from me, I’d so appreciate it.

I’ve done surveys, but they seem so cold and distance-making. I want to keep close touch with you, so I’m just asking you to hit the reply button and write a couple of words or phrases.

For instance:
•  I want help tapping on how I feel about marketing, specifically about my website (or copywriting, or social media….)
•  I am broke and want to be prosperous and I don’t know what to tap on or what to do to take positive action
•  I am so depressed I can’t see straight and can’t fix it
•  I can’t make money as an artist
•  I don’t know what to say at networking meetings so I can attract new clients
•  I want to be a speaker but I’m shy
•  add your own: ___________

See what I mean? PLEASE no long stories – I just can’t read them all! Just a phrase or two for a couple of needs you have. You can always ask for more later!

Click HERE or on the title of this article, which will take you to a page where you can make a comment. Many thanks for your help – I appreciate it so much!


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