Money Tapping Group, Part III!

THE MONEY TAPPING GROUP Part III: Uncover and Clear Out the Limiting Vows in your Heart Chakra…so you can have more freedom, fun and prosperity, and delight in sending out more just-plain-flat-out beautiful Heart Radiance!

Maybe you can you relate to this:

“Sometimes I do something, think it’s great…and then later look at it and wonder what I was thinking! I end up either throwing it out, redoing it, or giving it away because I can’t bear to look at it.”

Or how about this:
“I look back on my life and wonder why I’m not where I thought I’d be at my age. I feel sad and disappointed in myself and my life.”

One more:
“I fell in love with this guy who turned out to be such a jerk, and I decided I’d just be better off not having a close relationship with anyone.”

If you can see yourself in any of those, you’ll love what we’re going to do in the next 4 weeks…because…

The Money Tapping Group, Part III, starts on Thursday of this week!

In this advanced level, consolidating and launching off from the work you’ve done with Chakras 1 through 3, we’re going to dive into and clear out your crucial center-point: Chakra 4, the Heart Chakra, so you can imbue everything you do with more of the radiance of your Deepest Heart than you ever have before.

Without clearing, activating and energizing your Heart Chakra in your activities, you leave so much of your love behind!

And you end up disappointing your own heart, which ends up making you lose confidence and feeling alone, criticized and less-than.

If you have ever felt:  
•   disappointed in yourself or something you’ve done
•   that on some level, maybe you or part of you are not lovable, valuable or worthy
•   like you ‘should’ be more perfect or do things more perfectly
•   sad or heart-broken because you suddenly realize how harshly you’ve treated yourself in your life…

Well…get ready to change all of that!

I’m really excited, because within the next set of 4 Money Tapping Group segments, I’m going to show you how to:

•   Find and eliminate the secret Heart Chakra vows that keep your Heart Chakra from functioning at its full beautiful radiance

•   Stop criticizing yourself so you can begin to bless every inch of yourself: what you’ve done in your life, and what you are, do and have right this moment!

•   Get the Key to finally SEE and resolve the up-to-now invisible blind spots that undermine you

•   Use my 3-Rings ID Map to get to each major level of any issue or project, so you can create clarity and precise results

•   Reset 2 specific set-points you may not have heard about yet that limit your ability to create or even  receive success

What would it be like to stop feeling stuck?
What would it be like to stop beating yourself up with criticisms and sharp  mental or verbal barbs that cut your confidence down?
What would it be like to know what to do next without any doubt?

Starting on our next call, we’re going to:
1.  Open the locks on your heart chakra
2.  Undo the vows you created to keep yourself safe that are now outdated and keeping you from the movement and freedom you desire and deserve
3.   Reset a couple of set-points you may not have heard about yet that limit your ability to create and receive success

I can hardly believe some of the people who have been through the first 2 sets are the same people who started out – they have made such incredible progress! I want that for you, too!

“I’m blown away by the power of the group – again – and your expert guidance and navigation through potentially treacherous waters. Thanks so much for this amazing class…it’s been a great group–actually life changing…thanks for all your support and help. You really are a powerful healer and transformer – I’m so glad you’re still doing this coaching thing…I’m getting new opportunities, so things are shifting for me.”
~ private caller

So I invite you to join me on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18th from 5 to 6:30 pm NY time for the first of this next, 4-segment set in the Money Tapping Group Series.

CLICK HERE to get The Money Tapping Group Part II!

Remember, no matter where you live in the world, even if you can’t make it to the calls in person, you can listen at your leisure to the audios.

You can also check out Parts 1 and 2 here –

I look forward to having you on the calls and in our Secret, Secure Group FB Page!


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