Have You Cleared and Reset Your Money Set Points?

You’ve probably heard a lot of coaches talk about your money set points.

Your money set points are those amounts that:
•  you never seem to earn more than
•  you always get down to a certain level before money comes in again
•  if you earned more, you’d feel bad that you earned more than, say, your dad….
•  or that you can’t even imagine – like, creating millions – without also thinking how much work it will be, how could I ever do that, etc. –

You may have even gone through a money set point process, and you may have even shifted one of yours.

Did you find out what to do next?

Did you find out how to keep open the doors for the universe to bring you your new levels of income or prosperity?

Did you find out how to use your money shadow to  increase your personal power and your money flow?

Or did you eagerly shift your set point…and then wait for the money to come…and it didn’t…and you ended up disappointed and angry that yet aNOTHer process didn’t work?

See, it takes shifting the set point, PLUS some very specific actions. Clear. Focused. Directed.

If you just sit and wait for the dough to walk through your door – well, it’s possible – but it’s magnified if you bolster the entire process by taking action in a specific way. Most people don’t teach you what to do or how to do it or even why.

I AM going to be showing you how to do that on my Money Tapping Group call tomorrow, after we shift your money set points.

Want to shift your set point AND get clear on what to do next to get the flow moving faster? Join us! Tomorrow,  THURSDAY, October 11th at 4pm NY time.

I invite you to join us!

•   Tomorrow’s live call, plus
•   The 3 previous calls in this group:
…including finding out about the hidden power in Chakras 2 and 3 (relationship & money flow; and personal power) and
…how they affect your income and your life, plus
…tapping for clearing of the Chakra 2 and 3 Vows that hold you back.

(You may want to get Money tapping Group Part 1, as well: the 4 audios include the First Chakra info and tapping for clearing your First Chakra Vows that keep you chained and cemented to your family’s habits and beliefs.) [laughing…I typed Cows at first….]

I look forward to having you on the call tomorrow! Do join us on the live call, OK?

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