You Have Some Nerve!

I got a note yesterday from a woman who was enraged about…and refused to come to…my Raise Your Fees Fearlessly teleclass.

How could I “possibly tell people to raise their fees when so many people are having so much trouble even paying their rent, some even starving?”

She demanded, “Why aren’t you telling people how to lower their prices, and give more stuff away for free?”

If you look around, not everyone is starving. There are a great many people not just making it but making it very well. But we’re so used to people giving freebies – videos, products, services – that we are insulted when we have to pay!

In my extensive experience, freebie seekers want more for less, and most often won’t do the work you set for them, because (here’s the funny thing) they don’t value it because…it came free! Vicious circle.

You can argue about that until cows turn blue, but I dare you find me one person who has really done the inner work you set them to do when they got it for free or cheap. They don’t do it; they stay stuck; they keep complaining…and look for more freebies to fix them!

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider freebies a bad thing. I like them, too! But I’m telling you right now, if you…

…depend exclusively on freebies to tell you everything you need to know in whatever area you’re exploring – marketing, tapping, relationships – you’ll only get so far and no further.

I invite you to show me any well-trained:
…relationship coach
…marketing coach
…business person
who got her training entirely by freebies.

We respect (and pay well) the people who paid for their training by putting in:
…the hours – most times, massive amounts of it
…their energy – often to the point of exhaustion, and
…money – often with enormous personal sacrifice…
in order to get the training they needed to be able to be good enough to serve and practice their profession.

Those of us who people consider ‘experts’ in our fields have made the commitment to do what it takes to build excellence, and have done so, on all levels.

What makes you think you can get any further in your business by giving away your products, time and energy? You’re not trusting the universe to bring you perfect-for-you clients who are willing and able to pay you and refer you to others who would do the same!

So you stay stuck, complain about “how it is” and “the economy is bad” and all that.

Look around. Check out highly successful people like Kathleen Gage, Milana Leshinsky and especially, Fabienne Fredrikson.

Fabienne Fredrikson is one of the best role models you could possibly have. She just got an award – in today’s so-called ‘bad’ economy – for being one of the fastest growing businesses and helping literally thousands of people. She makes very good money at it – while staying completely authentic and aligned with heart.

Why can’t YOU do that in your biz? You can. But – I’m telling you right now – you cannot if you are only doing 1-1 sessions and charging by the hour, afraid to raise your fees. There’s only so much time in the week, and burn out is right around the corner.

But if you create the right mindset and take the right action steps, you really can get past that invisible wall that keeps you from succeeding beautifully – at whatever level of which makes you happy – even in a ‘bad’ economy.

If you honestly and fervently want to help more people and make the money you need to make – beyond just keeping food on the table – you’re going to have to punch the Old Rules in the face and have the nerve to raise your fees. And you’ve got to create structures in which your clients can sign up with you and get the results only you can get them.

I resisted raising my own fees for a long, long time. I thought it was dishonest, hypey, taking advantage of people; I thought I’d lose the clients I had, and no one would come to take their place…and a whole long list of objections.

Then I saw that I, myself, was paying huge bucks to people I respected to learn from them. Ummmm – if I believed in freebies and very low payments, how could I justify paying high fees? I began to see there was a  discrepancy between what I believed and what I was doing.

People charge a lot because they have a lot to give.

People charge a lot because they have built their gifts, talents and expertise to a high degree of refinement,and get great results for people.

People charge a lot because they help a lot of people; they have created a lot of goodies for people; have great products and services…and also have much bigger expenses.

Yes, you can give away a lot. That’s a good thing!

But – if you don’t charge more for your specific, unique, valuable expertise…the magic stuff only you can do, that you have created and built up and spent hours and hours developing…I guarantee you’re headed for burn out, discouragement, self-flagellation and deep disappointment.

You might even wish life was simple enough that you were in the ignorant, barefoot and pregnant reality again. (Yikes!) I don’t think you want that.

I think you’re really sincere in wanting to do what you love to do and doing more of it.

So – I invite you to step around the Old Rules – the ones that whisper in your head and trip you up:
•   Who do you think you are?
•   Who will help the ones who can’t pay?
•   I’ll lose the clients I have now if I raise my fees
•   Fabienne can charge that, but I never could
•   What would I ever have to offer that would go for high dollar?
•   No one would want to pay high fees for energy work (or whatever you do)
•   I can’t find the people who want what I do
•   If I charge higher fees, my spouse (family, in-laws….) will think I’m (greedy, uppity… ________ )
•   No one in my area can afford that much!
•   My friends/colleagues would think I’m ________
…and so on.

Come on. You’re meant for more than that. You certainly wouldn’t have gotten this far if not.

Break out of the same-old-same-old mold.

Allow me to show you how to actually USE those old disabling thoughts and beliefs to get re-energized to do the work you adore doing…for great prices and terrific clients.

How would you like to find out how to:
•   honestly align with and attract the people in the vibratory range who are fun to work with who:
•   do the inner work and take action
•   pay you happily because they
•   appreciate your work, and
•   refer you to others of like kind…
because they love you and what they do for them!

THAT’s what I help you do in the Raise Your Fees Fearlessly Teleclass.

I show you how to:
•   do a specific Brain Train technique I discovered that helps keep you on track, inspired and energized
•   use tapping in a unique way to regain unimaginable amounts of energy (not neutralize it!)
•   clear up Old Rules your family instilled in you that hamper your freedom
•   make new belief patterns that will stick with you from now on and help you maintain your successes, over and over again
•   create new inner allies that stand behind you and support you even in the worst of times
•   raise those fees in a way that feels authentic to you, and in integrity with your belief systems.


Here’s where you can get both 90-minute, jam-packed Rise Your Fees Fearlessly audios:

I want you to:
•   get out there and help more people
•   make the money you need to support yourself
•   make more of a difference in this crazy world
•   feel great about yourself, the work you adore, and the amazing results you get for people!


Wow. I think that was hands down the best thing you have ever written. I am in total agreement with you.

Thank you and many blessings, Katherine Nichole Feuz,


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