It’s Not Always Your Fault

Someone wrote in  today and said she was struggling with food sensitivities, fatigue, migraines and frustration.

She wasn’t sure what to do – rest, power through, try to figure out what’s going on?

There are more things happening here than you can see.

Like most of us in self-help, we think it all has to do with us. Yes, we do ‘create’ our realities, but we forget that there is a subconscious part of our mind that also creates.

Here are a couple things you may be dealing with:

1. Chemtrails – the military continues to spray the atmosphere with chemicals. You may not have it in your location, but air moves, and it’s now ubiquitous. in Hawaii when they spray, I am darn near immobilized for 2 or 3 days when they spray.

2. Mercury is in serious retrograde – until mid April. Lots of backwards energy happening. Astrologists advise us to not make any contractual agreements if possible, and ones you do make, make sure there are get-out-of-them loopholes. (Not sure you can get away without contractual agreements for another 6 weeks!)

3. Past life stuff.…won’t go into that here.

4. Keep focusing on your heart’s deepest dream. even if you can’t move an inch, keep focusing onit, and when you can move again, step right back into the dream. It’s not about “maybe it’s not meant to be’ – it’s about persevering in what has meaning for you.

And yes! Allow yourself to feel the energy! Let it run through you – like electricity through a wire – and not get stuck in you as you try to figure it out!!!

5. And tap!


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